5 Tips For Moms to Jump Start Their Workout Routines

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Tip #1: Don’t focus on the scale – set realistic goals 

It’s easy to get caught up in “I want to lose “x” number of pounds before “this date”… but don’t let that be your goal. Instead, set goals such as running a certain distance or at a certain pace; lifting a certain amount of weight at the gym; having your favourite tee shirt fit a little better; or even having more energy. Not only does muscle weigh more than fat, but if you don’t see immediate results on the scale you could get discouraged which may lead to giving up. Take some selfies! It’s easier to see progress with “before” and “after” photos. 

Tip #2: Find something you love and be patient with yourself 

If you hate cardio, maybe don’t start a strict running regime or a HIIT circuit workout. If you love yoga, make a commitment to once or twice a week for a month and see how that goes. Maybe you’ll fall in love with that spin class you always wanted to try. If you’re terrified or intimidated of working out at a gym, start small at home. The key to finding a workout that you love is staying open minded. Try new things. You may be surprised at what type of sweaty activity you actually enjoy.

Tip #3: Think long-term 

It’s great to be super eager when you begin working out, but you need to remember that your level of exercise needs to be sustainable. Don’t go crazy and book 6 personal trainer sessions in one week (especially if you haven’t moved much in the past 6 months!) Instead, take your time and lead up to more exercise throughout your upcoming weeks. You may burn out if you go too hard too quickly – which could even lead to injury.

Tip #4: Stop eating your kids leftovers

This is legit. Don’t eat those peanut butter sandwich crusts. Don’t eat those leftover fries or chicken nuggets. If you take the kids for ice-cream, don’t (always) get one too. Don’t eat their goody-bag candies. Throw ?? it ?? OUT. If you focus on your nutrition, your workout regime is already winning. When you eat good, you feel good, you have more energy (and willingness) to workout. And drink some water while you’re at it! 

Tip #5: Schedule your life away

Schedule everything. That way, you’ll have a more realistic idea of when you can fit your workouts in. If you only have a half an hour to workout, then perhaps an at-home workout might be your best bet. If you look at your calendar and you have every Tuesday night after bedtime free, book a class or go to the gym. Write it down, and make a commitment to your workouts. If you pencil in your workouts, you’ll be less likely to make excuses because you already have a chunk of time set aside dedicated to your workout. Enlist in some support to help watch your kids once or twice a week and go do you, boo.


*BONUS* tip #6: Buy yourself some cute new workout gear. You’ll feel more motivated to workout in something you feel good wearing. 

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