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During the COVID 19 pandemic, we are all learning what it means to practice social or physical distancing. At the same time, are you noticing that more and more people are gathering online to connect with friends and family? We sure are. WAYS OF CONNECTING…

Here are seven+ things you might consider doing while in historic Fort Langley…

1. Eat

Fort Langley has become a popular place to go and have a meal because of fabulous restaurants like Beatnix Bistro, The Little Donkey, Trading Post Brewery and Eatery and the Rail and River River Bistro just to name several of our favorites. As far as reviews and ratings go, according to Trip Advisor Beatnix Bistro is ranked no. 1 with Wendell’s at no. 2 (see “Drink coffee” below), and The Little Donkey at no.3.

Beatnix Bistro – http://beatniksbistro.com/
The Little Donkey – https://www.littledonkey.ca/
Trading Post Brewery and Eatery – https://tradingpostbrewing.com/
Rail and River River Bistro – http://railandriverbistro.com/

2. Drink coffee (and eat)

Fort Langley has been a coffee shop destination for many years because of the famous Wendell’s Coffee Shop and Bakery. Wendell’s continues to be popular and some new fantastic cafes have arrived on the scene in recent years such as the Blacksmith Bakery (good food), The Lelam Arts and Cultural Café (nice location) and the Saba Café and Bistro (good food and coffee) just to name a few.  Forget rankings for this category. We’ve had coffee and food at all of these cafes and they are all wonderful.

Wendell’s Coffee Shop and Bakery – http://wendelsonline.com
Blacksmith Bakery – http://www.blacksmithbakery.ca
The Lelam Arts and Cultural Café – https://lelem.ca
Saba Café and Bistro – http://sabacafe.ca


3. Go for a walk

You have so many choices for excellent walks in and around Fort Langley. The Fort to Fort Trail, Derby Reach Park, Houston Trail Head, and Brae Island Regional Park all have to be some of the nicest places to walk or ride in the Fraser Valley. Houston Trail Head has a few challenging hills, but other than that all of these trails are quite easy to walk.

Fort to Fort Trail – https://www.vancouvertrails.com/trails/fort-to-fort
Brae Island Regional Park –http://www.metrovancouver.org/services/parks/parks-greenways-reserves/brae-island-regional-park
Derby Reach and Houston Trail Head – https://www.vancouvertrails.com/trails/derby-reach-regional-park

4. Ride Your Bike

Fort Langley has become a favorite place for people to ride their bikes. With plenty of relatively quiet country roads, beautiful views and plenty of coffee shops and restaurants to greet you when your ride is over, it’s easy to see why Fort Langley has become such a popular cycling destination.

5. Shop

Fort Langley has plenty of interesting shops to choose from including Fort Langley Village Antiques Mall. Located in the heart of Fort Langley, Village Antiques Mall is a 10,000 square foot mall with 60 independent dealers.

Fort Langley Village Antiques Mall – https://villageantiquesmall.com

The Fort Langley National Historic Site. Photo: tripadvisor.ca by rahvan (Mar. 2013)

6. Learn About History

If you want to expose your family to BC’s history, Fort Langley is certainly the place to go. Here are several venues you may want to check out…

The Fort Langley National Historic Site – Yes there is a fort in Fort Langley and it is the place where BC was proclaimed a British colony in 1858. At the Fort you can:

  • Explore the fort that was built by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1827
  • Watch blacksmithing, barrel-making or historic weapons demonstrations
  • Pan for gold and laugh along with an interpretive program.

Parking is free and the Fort is within walking distance to Fort Langley village.

The Langley Centennial Museum – The Langley Centennial Museum has a collection of over 8000 archival photographs, 9000 objects and 500 works of art.  This collection spans hundreds of years and is a window on the past and present life of Langley and surrounding areas. 1

BC Farm Museum – If you don’t live on a farm or in a farming community, it’s easy to lose touch with our agricultural history. “The BC Farm Museum has the province’s largest collection of pioneer and agricultural artifacts.” 2 If you want your family to get back in touch with that history, the BC Farm Museum is an excellent place to do that.

CN Station – “The CN Station is one of the few remaining stations like it in western Canada, and the only surviving  station from this era in the Langley region.” 3 Watch this interesting video from one of the children of the last station keepers. CN Station Interview

Links to museums and historical sites:

The Fort Langley National Historic Site – http://bit.ly/3cuGpm0
1The Langley Centennial Museum – https://museum.tol.ca/museum/Portal/default.aspx
2 BC Farm Museum – http://bcfma.com/
3 CN Station – https://www.langleyheritage.ca/cn-station

7. Live Here!

There is an abundance of fun and enjoyable activities in Fort Langley. Fort Langley has a wonderful village feel along with an interesting and rich history. There is an elementary school along with a full-service grocery store. Also, we forgot to mention above that there are plenty of good golf courses in the area. If you enjoy walking and riding your bike, Fort Langley is one of the premier places to live in the Fraser Valley.

For more information contact real estate specialist Mike Wilson.

Mike Wilson
Remax Treeland

Photo: https://www.tourism-langley.ca/location/fort-langley

Are you starting to think about Valentine’s Day? If you have gone to the grocery store lately or your local florist, you will see that the marketing push has begun!

If you would like some music to get you in the mood (and even if you don’t), we came across this beautiful “Indie Folk Love Playlist for Valentines’ Day 2020.

In the words of Indie Folk Central… “Cuddle up with your loved one and enjoy these dreamy indie-folk love songs. Specially created for Valentine’s Day 2020 | Acoustic, singer-songwriter, Americana | And it might even be a perfect playlist for those who hate Cupid’s favorite day!”

Some of the featured artists include Dustin Tebbutt, Children of Indigo, Lucia Fogale and one of our favorite, sometimes local Vancouver artist Jon Bryant.

_ _ _ _ _
Photo: Pablo Merchan Montes

It’s that time of year where Netflix decides to drop new seasons and new shows, perfectly timed for cuddle (human or pet) season! Today, we’re going to introduce you to a few binge-worthy shows. Whether you’ve seen them before or these are new to you,…

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