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The Fraser Valley Real Estate Market Is Changing Every Day- Don’t Get Let The Door Close On Your Dream Home

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Thanks for the professional level of service you’ve provided in selling our long-time home in Surrey. Not only was the work done as promised, your efforts resulted in a sale price that exceeded our expectations. You were also instrumental in getting our families the help needed in their real estate efforts. Our daughter and parents are grateful for the exceptional work. Today we are settled in our retirement home in Penticton BC and even now we continue to enjoy your true friendship.

  •  – Nic and Tina Bor –


Mike has lived and worked in the Fraser Valley  for over 40 years and is an avid community man. Usually found out and about connecting with the Valley’s movers and shakers, Mike brings several decades of real estate experience and a strong marketing background to the FV housing scene. Mike is an enthusiastic outdoorsman who loves nothing more than a day spent fishing steelhead, salmon and sturgeon on the Fraser river and the Chilliwack tributaries- except maybe a day spent with his granddaughter! He has been a volunteer director with the “B.C. federation of drift fishers” for several years; This is a federation that is committed conservation of fish stocks and to ensure fresh water fishing is available for our future generations. Mike’s passion is community connection, which is exactly why Mike jumped at the chance to take on Fraser Valley Lifestyle Magazine as a passion project.