5 Fitness Tools Everyone Needs

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For those that travel a lot, or just on the go, home workouts are likely your only option. Sacrificing the gym life to get ahead is a normal thing to do and if you’re self disciplined to still get the training done, you’re going to need some tools that cover the most basic of needs and then some. Here is a quick list of essential tools that give you the best bang for the buck.

1.  Resistance Bands

Loop bands are often underestimated because of how they look, what they’re made of and how they were introduced to our collective consciousness. The very idea of the resistance band is actually over 100 years old. It was invented in Switzerland by Gustav Gossweiler and then later used for therapeutic use. Loop bands today are incredibly popular for exercises but generally not thought of in they way barbells are. Maybe not so cool looking but can make cowards of everyone. They are portable, inexpensive, and highly effective. Get em!

2. Kettlebell

Kettlebells. Also a very old piece of strength equipment and has been for 300 years. Kettlebells offer high versatility with different types of workouts and application. Even great for home security! The Kettlebell is a great tool that comes relatively inexpensive, highly effective, and highly efficient for getting a great workout done in less time. Just like when you buy kids clothes in autumn, you buy them a bit big. Do the same thing with kettlebells and buy it slightly heavier.Women generally do basic movements with a 25lb bell and that will be sufficient for a long time. Men would have more than enough with the same or a 35lb bell.

3. Foam Roller

Foam Rollers are a recovery tool. Recovery is an essential part of training that is often overlooked or are a low priority and that is a huge mistake. If recovery is a low priority, your gains are a low priority. What they do is relieve tension in the muscles and fascial tissues, which tense up from intended and unintended stress. Foam rollers are inexpensive, stow away easily, and help keep you feeling ready for the next battle.

4. Hardball

Sometimes you get injured or get painful spasms and they can hide in the deeper tissues that a foam roller can’t reach. The foam rollers surface area is too big to really dig in like a Hardball or a lacrosse ball can. Digging into those tissues is also the point when the pain or discomfort gets more acute. Get the ball between you and the floor or wall (hint: might be painful. Just breathe). You can over-do this so you don’t have press too hard or for too long. When you hit the area that’s causing the pain, YOU WILL KNOW. A few small circular motions will get it done and you can follow up with a quick stretch and get back to life. Capiche?

5. Gymnastics Rings

Last but certainly not least, we have;  gymnastics rings. The idea of doing gymnastics isn’t necessarily the point. It’s several factors that make this tool essential. We have talked about time and money savings, for which, gymnastics rings also qualify. It’s for their scalability. Much like the Kettlebell, you have seemingly limitless options in terms of expanding their use. Gymnastics rings also can offer exercises much like a TRX set, but with a fraction of the price tag. If your traveling, having rings, bands, and a lacrosse ball, your luggage turns into an arsenal.


Saving time and money is par for the course but with these tools, you really can scale them up and increase their value.Better yet, all of these tools are highly available fitness retailers and online. These tools are a guaranteed cheque to bring to the bank. Be sure to check out YouTube videos that teach you logical progressions and correct usage before you dive right in, or better yet, hire a trainer. Remember to keep working hard, experiment and have fun.



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