Unplug for a Day: 7 Activities You Can Do Instead of Browsing Your Phone

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Are you getting tired of watching your family or friends tap away on their phones and laptops? Maybe your children haven’t been outside in 36 hours due to, too much gaming? Whatever the case may be – we’ve got a bountiful list of activities that don’t involve or require any electronics! 

1. Family Picnic 

A family picnic (or any picnic) is always a great way to bring your loved ones together. Turn it into a potluck and invite your neighbours and friends! It’s a great way to connect with others while outside and be sure to turn your phones off!

2. Cooking Dinner

Gather your children and get them to help you cook a nice meal for the family! Try to get everyone involved – play some music and chat. 

3. A Bike Ride

Whether cycling is your thing or if you haven’t been on a bike since 2012, get them out and bring along anyone who cares to join! Find a local river, bike trail, or simply go through the city! It’ll be sure fun for everyone. 

4. Puzzles and Board Games

If you prefer to sip wine and work your mind a puzzle is right for you! Make it interesting and give yourself a set amount of time to see if you can finish it before the limit is up! Or maybe you’re competitive and would love to crush some butt in a game of monopoly in that case, invite over your pals and get crushin’! 

5. A Drive 

Whether you have a destination in mind or simply want to mindlessly drive around – tell your loved ones to leave their phones at home or keep them off! Connect with each other, play car games and yell/sing your favourite songs! It’s always a great feeling to have someone there to be the second half to your duets! 

6. Lounge

Plan a day to relax in your backyard, maybe fill up the kiddy pool and sip a margarita, we aren’t judging! Make it as relaxing and technology free as possible! 

7. Garage Sale/Declutter

This is a quick way to fill up your day! Just choose any corner and well, start! Create a few piles e.g. keep, donate, sell, and invite your kids or friends or neighbours – whoever you like, to help you out! If they’re willing! Unless it’s your children, they’re sure to help out with a little bit of bribery (wink wink).


Here are 10 more ways you can enjoy a technology free day!

  1. Read a book
  2. Go fishing
  3. Paint a picture or doodle
  4. Go window shopping
  5. Sit inside or outside of a coffee shop and write in your journal 
  6. Take a trip to a body of water! Lake, beach, river etc. 
  7. Drive to the country and check out the farmers markets and stands
  8. Clean out your closet! Keep, donate, trash! 
  9. Bake a delicious treat or 6!
  10. And finally, call or see someone you love or haven’t spoken to in a bit and catch up!


We hope you enjoy our ways to keep you technology free if even for a day! Let us know what you’ve been doing to unplug and unwind! 

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