What Your Personal Training Coach Won’t Tell You

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It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just that 90% of PT coaches would be out of a job if they told you the truth. The truth is, without a proper, well adjusted diet, your workouts are worth very little and it’s not a two way street. You don’t need to exercise as often as you need to eat healthy food.

For a long time, and some still are, enamored with the beach bod mentality. Bulking season, shredding season, cleanses and fat loss pills. That line of thinking is pure trash unless your competing, even then it’s wacky. You simply need to start eating the best quality and most nutritious foods as soon as possible. By all means, start your training and be consistent with it, but the diet is the big winner when were talking about results.

Why Don’t PT’s Tell You This?

PT’s will tell you that you need to be on a diet consistently. That means FOREVER. But what they won’t tell you is how little can be done if you’re not giving your body the fuel it requires. This is basic knowledge. It is generally unsaid because you might not be a repeat customer or they didn’t think to say anything. The fact is, that if you continue to eat like crap and perform with mediocre results, you become a golden hen. It’s also because the mind is the hardest part to train, and is the biggest component to turning your body in the right direction. If your coach is worth their salt, they WILL keep you accountable and teach you how to train your mind-set. If you don’t get that pep talk, you might be wasting each-others time.

How to Diet?

Let’s start off with this;

There is no “ONE-SIZE-FITS” all when it comes to diet and exercise. There are however, safe bets that will affect anything you choose to do. Try balancing your macro-nutrients. Doing that will be a force multiplier for your training regimen. Avoid sugars, lactose and gluten. Avoiding these 3 is generally a safe bet too. Even if you’re trying to gain mass and then shed it later, it’s going to mess with your performance.

The real ingredients you need are patience and discipline.

You’re likely going to screw it all up at sometime but you can get back on the horse as soon as you put the cookie down. Be patient with yourself, forgive yourself and try again.

Discipline is the biggest and most difficult factor so pay close attention to your behavior and be patient. Patience is a part of self discipline. Being impatient with yourself is mentally self destructive  and could make you quit. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, just put the cookie down.

Expect to reach a physical goal over a year from your start date. Your hope may be to get skinny or get jacked for summer, but that goal turns into a pumpkin after summer and then what? Pumpkin pie time. Then we’re back to a vicious cycle Make it easier and have your cheat foods every once in a while and be done with it. There are plenty of recipes to make healthy eating absolutely delicious, so excuses will be minimized.

How Do I Make This Easy?

You may be wondering “how do I make this easy?” Let me tell you, there is no easy way.

  • Get rid of all your crap food as soon as possible
  • Make a meal plan (or get one made for you) and stick to it
  • No sugar. Check all your food labels and discard from your pantry accordingly
  • Have a diet plan commensurate with your physical training. Think Macro nutrients

Take this advice with a grain of salt. Personal trainers are the single most important external factor for taking you to the next level. PT’s are not out to get you or just make a quick buck  (but those PT’s do exist). You want to be informed of the pitfalls of fitness without putting a sour taste in your mouth. When you’re just starting out, you are especially vulnerable and it’s easy to be dissuaded from starting or continuing. You need to make sure that you get all the crap out of the way to ensure that your training is valuable, challenging and enjoyable!

Work hard, experiment, and of course have fun!

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