Beat The Sleepy Sun Syndrome: How to Keep The Heat From Draining Your Energy

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It’s no secret that we can all feel a little tired after a day in the sun. Whether we were soaking it up from the sandy beach or sipping margaritas on the patio, sometimes by mid afternoon during those summer heatwaves we’re all ready for a little siesta. 

Here are a few tips to keep your energy levels from drooping so low that even a venti iced espresso can’t save you.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Dehydration is a huge cause of that sleepy feeling you get from spending a day in the sun. Sure you may think that those hard iced-teas in the sunshine feel thirst-quenching, but really, alcohol is doing you a disservice here. Make sure to start your morning with a big glass of water, and keep a water bottle with you all day. I like to use the rule of one ounce of water for every pound you weigh to ensure I stay hydrated throughout the day.

Get Some Zzz’s

This should be a no-brainer, but sometimes summertime keeps us so busy, and the late sunsets don’t help rush us off to bed as early as we may want. Happy hours can turn into late evenings around the fire tables, but getting a full eight hour sleep is a great way to ensure the heat won’t totally zap your energy the next day. If you struggle to get to bed early because of the late day light, put up some blackout curtains or be sure to close your blinds tightly – or even wear a sleeping mask. 

Heading outside? Pack a ‘brelly

Being outside all afternoon when the temperature is peaking can cause heat exhaustion. Fatigue is actually a sign of heat exhaustion – which can be avoided by ensuring your body stays cool (and hydrated). Make sure to plan your outdoor activities with some time designated to cooling down either in the shade, indoors, or even in some water. If you start to feel a little lethargic and tired in the sunshine, camp out under a sunshade, blast your A/C, or run under the sprinkler and you will be feeling perky again in no time. 

Dress for the Weather

Back to keeping your body cooled and regulated – make sure you dress accordingly. This may be a no brainer but sometimes those overcast clouds out here in the Fraser Valley can be a little deceiving – an hour after you leave the house, the clouds will part, the sun will start blazing, and you will be stuck in those jeans that seemed fitting when you left the house. Dress in layers or pack a change of clothes when you head outdoors! Being overdressed will make you hot and sweaty – which can cause dehydration and start the downward spiral to snooze fest. 

Ensure a Balanced Diet

No doubt food will play a big role in your energy levels throughout the summer season, too! Eating a range of foods will make sure your body is getting enough vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids to keep your energy levels in tip top shape. Try to avoid over eating anything high in salt which can lead to dehydration, and instead opt to snack on some fresh fruit – come on, the Fraser Valley is known for local produce. Stock up on cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and more from any local fruit stand. 

Although it’s sometimes nice to doze in the afternoon sun or curl up in your comfy bed with the A/C on high, if you find yourself crashing more often than not on these hot and sunny afternoons, be sure to stay on top of these energy-saving tips this summer!

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