Productivity Hacks for Busy Moms

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Have A Good Night Time Routine

Setting yourself up for success the night before will always ensure a productive, happy, and well rested (hopefully) mama! For example read a book or magazine something to tear you away from the prison shackles of TV and it’s subliminal messages (wavy dude). For real though, put the electronics away and enjoy a solid hour before bed no screens, it works miracles. 

Follow With a Good Morning Routine

Before we dive into the miracle tips we use daily to save ourselves from well…. Ourselves you’ll want to give this little bit a read. A solid morning routine is usually best taken slow, for example waking up an hour before the baby does might give you some time to a coffee (well deserved) and hopefully some self-reflection, really keeping your mind and body in tune! We suggest yoga, meditation, and journaling to help reflect and keep those thoughts collected during your day! 

Meal Prep

If you’re trying to really be set for the week meal prep.  Try pepping near the end of the week say Thursday or Friday so that you get the full benefit of a relaxing weekend. 

Keep It Clean

Having a clean space makes it easier to function as a unit when it comes to having a family. Try incorporating chores into your kids lives, simple things that have big impact for example; getting them to put their toys and knick-knacks in their designated places! When the whole family is on keeping it clean, it soon becomes ritual for lack of a better word!  

Grocery Delivery

For our super moms, who barely have enough time in the day to shop, order those groceries!  Save On Foods does delivery and Superstore has “click and collect”, you just drive right up and the kind clerks load up the groceries for you! There are many ways to do this, so get creative!  

Get Things Done Before Your Kiddos Wake up or After They Go to Sleep

 It’s long, we know. But it is fairly self explanatory! Getting ahead of the kids or preparing lunches and breakfasts even getting a load of laundry (or 2) done will really put you ahead in your week, whatever you choose to do in your spare time to keep the title “Super Mom” we welcome it with open arms!  

Share your busy mama tips down below and let us know if these ones may have helped, even in the slightest! 

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