May is National BBQ Month: 5 Simple Vegetarian Recipes Worth Firing Your Grill For

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In case you havent noticed, vegetarian and vegan diets seem to be the way of the future – it is now easier than ever to adopt a healthier diet and reduce your meat intake. With meatless options everywhere from fast food (thank you A&W) to holiday meals (Tofurkey, anyone?) There really isnt any reason to not jump on the meatless bandwagon – at least once in a while.  

 Summer is usually chockfull of backyard barbecues which can leave you feeling a little heavy from sauce-covered meats (and beer, obviously), but these veggie-focused recipes will give your backyard bashes a refresher.  

 Now Im definitely the type of girl who will go crazy for a delicious rack of ribs or a big batch of chicken wings. I also love me some pulled pork, and I dont think I could ever turn down a big juicy steak. 

 But while my diet is very focused around the protein I get from meat, I really like to switch it up to ensure my family gets a well-rounded diet by hosting vegetarian dishes at least twice a week. Since the weather has turned around and May is National Barbecue Month, here is a quick list of some amazing, simple, meatless dishes for you to throw on the barbie. 

1. Grilled Eggplant Pizzas  

A few simple ingredients and a quick couple of minutes at the barbecue will have you drooling over some eggplant pizzas. Although Im sure you could throw some pepperoni on top, if you want to keep it veggie-friendly, just add some fresh herbs and a couple of different types of cheese on top.  

2. Portobello Mushroom Burgers 

A portobello mushroom is an amazing meat alternative when you really want that satisfying meaty texture of a burger. Marinate the mushrooms, slap them on the grill, and then move them onto a soft brioche bun with sliced tomatoes, melted cheese, and avocado. Im drooling just thinking about it.   

3. Cauliflower Steaks 

This recipe is a little tricky. I have yet to try it myself, as I seem to be inept when it comes to slicing my cauliflower in the correct way to keep the pieces together, and I end up throwing it all into my food processor and making cauli-rice. However, I am not giving up, and I fully intend on having these chipotle lime cauliflower steaks sometime soon.  

4. Grilled Veggie Tacos With Avocado Lime Sauce  

Can we just agree on the fact that all tacos are amazing? Ive never met a taco I didnt like. Anything from fish and shrimp to chickpea to sweet potato and black bean and pulled pork and steak…… okay you get the point, literally anything can be good in a taco.  

To keep it easy in the summertime, grill up some of your favourite veggies and toss them onto a grilled tortilla. Thinly sliced zucchini and fresh pineapple to mind for me; and then I basically cover every homemade taco in an avocado cream sauce. Mush together an avocado or two, add some lime juice, a little salt, a dollop of plain greek yogurt, and mix. Throw some cayenne pepper in there too if youre feeling spicy. Grilled tacos are the king of summer in my books. 

5. Grilled Cabbage Wedges 

 I only recently learned how to make cabbage steaks (drizzled with balsamic glaze oh my goodness so good) so Im pretty excited about this grilled cabbage wedge. The recipe is super easy and using a purple cabbage will add such a great splash of colour to your dinner plate. You can also never go wrong with a delicious spicy lime dressing. 



 If youre not digging any of these recipes but you still want to give meat-free alternatives a try, there are a ton of options for veggie based burgers and hotdogs! Check out the natural food aisles in your grocery store and you wont be disappointed.  

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