Fun Appies for Your Halloween Party

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Halloween is such a fun time of year. All the dressing up and trick or treating. And don’t forget about the parties!! If you are hosting a party this year, here are some fun appie ideas!!

Jack O Lantern Chips and Dip

Here’s a cute one!! Empty out a pumpkin and fill it with your favourite dip. To add to the effect, cut out a mouth with a flow of guacamole coming out… looks like vomiting. Place your favourite chips and veggies around it and dig in!!! 

Mummy Dogs

This treat is great for kids of all ages! Grab some hot dogs, and grab some croissant rolls. Cut the rolls into thin strips, wrap the hot dog like a mummy and bake! 

White Chocolate Strawberry Covered Ghosts

There’s nothing better than chocolate and strawberries together! Melt up some of that delicious white chocolate and dip those strawberries in there. Add some candy eyes and you’re ready for an amazing treat! 

PB & J Spider Sandwiches 

Who doesn’t love a classic PB & J? Actually, I don’t… I’m one of the few who does not like peanut butter. Make a PB & J, then cut it into a circle. Stick 8 pretzel sticks in for legs and chocolate chips on the top for eyes. Super cute and super easy. 

Veggie Trays

Veggie trays are easy to dress up and design. Arrange veggies in the shape of a scary clown, or a spooky ghost, pumpkin or skeleton. Serve with your favourite dip and enjoy! 

Pumpkin Fruit Display

Make a whole bunch of fruit skewers, whatever kind of fruit you’d like. Grab a pumpkin and give it some crazy hair with the fruit skewers. 

Edible EyeBalls

This is a healthy alternative to all the Halloween candy! Cut some carrots up into circles, put a dollop of cream cheese on each one. Top with a black olive to make these fun eyeballs! 


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