Great Podcasts for Your Daily Commute

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Listening to the same songs over and over on the radio or your phones shuffle can be exhausting. It’s fun, but only for so long! This is why we have a few podcast recommendations to spice things up on your commute. From 1-3 hour long Joe Rogan interviews to 10 minute daily motivation for some pep in your step! We’ve got the perfect mix for you.

 The Daily Boost Podcast

 “ The Daily Boost motivation podcast breaks away from traditional norms, fits perfectly into your life, and stands by your side as you pursue your dreams.   The Daily Boost presents robust personal development strategies and common sense.  Around here we call it Scott logic – named after our host. 

Scott Smith combines common sense lessons, radio experience, and a love of words, wisdom, and wisecracks to create a different kind of daily motivation podcast.  Frankly, a motivation podcast that fits into your life – and there nothing else like it anywhere. It’s like listening to your favorite morning radio show – except our motivation strategies, and tips are useful for your life. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we were the first to jam all this goodness into a 9-minute motivation podcast. Life begins when you move! “

The Daily NY Times

  In this 20 minute podcast, your host Michael Barbaro speaks on current events happening throughout the world, it isn’t always pleasant, but it’s raw and real. Fueled by proper journalism The Daily is sure to keep you updated on the events occuring in the world that day. 5 Days a week tune in to learn something new and hear a fresh perspective.  

The MJ Show 

 Mattie James is a successful fashion blogger turned lifestyle, mommy hood, business advice blogger and podcaster. Her show helps you get those little everyday wins to feel accomplished throughout your day! Mattie never backs away from letting you know how something worked or didn’t. No matter your footing in life Mattie has the right, practical advice you need to grow your business and help you succeed.  

Curious with Josh Peck

 31 year old actor, most famously known for his show “Drake and Josh” on Nickelodeon, sits down with actors, actresses, comedians, singers to discuss life and get in deep. Stories are abundant and never fail to make you laugh. With a duration of just over an hour enjoy the life and tales of many beloved celebrities, athletes, and business owners.  

Being Boss for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers  


 Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon get right into mindsets, habits, marketing strategies, branding, routines and much more to help you make money using your passion. Join them as they interview bosses creating their own path in the industry to help you get awesome information about how to start or keep successfully running your own business! 

 Joe Rogan

 At about 3 hours a podcast this might be one to take home with you. Brilliant and well-informed conversations suck you in leaving you no choice, but to be enamoured with Joe and his guest. Exploring all types of people, picking their brains apart at expert level, Joe Rogan’s curiosity drives him forward, sparking your own curiosity keeping you hooked. From interviews with Elon Musk to Russell Peters, he covers an extremely vast range of topics. As a comedian and MMA fighter Joe’s drive, curiosity and discipline help him to really excel in the podcast front.  

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