5 Tips to Improve Time Management

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Managing your time wisely can be very tedious to do and being aware of it is even more irritating. No one likes wasting time or feeling like time has been wasted, we as people like to get things done and feel accomplished – feel pride.  

In this blog we are going to jot down some ways you can assist yourself in feeling pride throughout the day and keep the blues away. 


Planning ahead isn’t always easy or a clear path, but is 100% recommended when it can be completed.  

Writing a TO-DO list is a fantastic start, we suggest planning your weeks, maybe meal prepping and filling in schedules on Thursdays versus Sundays, because you won’t have to stress on your days of rest. Time management is all about minimizing stress , feeling accomplished and maximizing time for relaxation.  


When writing your to-do list get in the habit of setting time limits for tasks and giving all your tasks a time slot. That way you know exactly what needs to get done and when, skipping the crap in between.  

Try the Pomodoro Technique! The Pomodoro technique is a system for deep work which simply put, is 25 minutes on of deep work and a 5 minute break, if the task takes more than 4-6 of these timers take a longer 15-30 minute break and keep going! This is just one of many techniques, apps, websites, etc. Available for your time management needs. 


Starting with the toughest task at hand ensures getting your ball rolling for the day leaving you with only the easier tasks to do.  Don’t multitask! Multitasking is only your brain completing tasks in a quick sequence! You aren’t actually doing anything at the same time. It takes your brain 20 minutes to focus or refocus on a task so get those hard ones out of the way first!   


The time you wake up and the time you go to sleep and the quality of your sleep play a detrimental role in your overall mood and behaviour for the day ahead. Getting your full 8 hours is super important. To complete tasks to their fullest extent you need to be fully charged! Waking up earlier also establishes a sense of pride within your being and it gives you more time to do you and to prepare and plan your day! 


Having a solid morning and/or evening routine ensures a good day. For example waking up 45 minutes earlier than usual to enjoy your coffee or tea and being able to read or journal is a perfect way to relax and enjoy yourself. Start your day with gratitude and meditation for a clear mind. Taking care of yourself directly affects your work, affects your mood, affects your overall well-being. A strong morning routine is the key to a successful day and life. 

 How you choose to integrate these tips in your life is up to you guys! Whether you establish a rockin’ morning routine or decide to get a few time management apps, we encourage you to keep moving forward in your journey to an organized and more relaxed life. Don’t let the little things keep you wired! 


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