Skin Care for Spring

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Switching your skincare routine from winter to spring can seem like a bit of a hassle, we assure you it’s much easier. We have compiled 6 easy tips to follow to get your best skin this spring.

Tip # 1:  Water 

Drink plenty of water to make sure your skin stays hydrated and plump! We are sure everyone has heard this and it is no myth that water helps… well… almost everything. Take your water consumption seriously ladies and gentlemen.

Tip #2: Exfoliate 

If you have dry skin it is important to get rid of those dead skin cells so new, healthy skin cells have the chance to take the stage! We recommend using a gentle exfoliating cleanser daily versus a harsh scrub; stick to using those 1-3 times a week!

Tip #3: Switch Out Your Moisturizer

In winter we tend to use heavier creams to keep our makeup on or prevent the flakes on the corners of your nose ( or wherever your dry skin may be ). We recommend switching to a lighter lotion or gel to really let your skin breathe! Even stick to a simple oil! Facial oils work wonders! Rose Hip oil is great for making the skin firmer. Bio Oil helps with scars and stretch marks. (Pro tip: use 2-3 drops on your semi-wet face, rub in small circles for 2-3 minutes nightly, no moisturizer.) A few other oils recommend are :

  • Rose oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Peppermint Oil

Remember spring and summer bring about healthier skin, if you treat it right!

Tip #4: Use SPF – A Lot 

In the spring the UV rays tend to hit the skin a bit harder!  Be sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen of at least 30-50 SPF ( 50 is highly recommended ). Not only does applying SPF daily save you from burning, it also provides a youthful glow, improving the quality and feel of your skin.

Tip #5 -Stop Using Full Coverage or Heavy Foundation

Opt for something breathable like a bb/cc cream or tinted moisturizer. Not only do these products not clog pores, they also give you the appearance of a soft healthy glow and fresh skin. If you are looking for something buildable try adding concealer and a creme bronzer underneath.

Tip #6: Carry Makeup Wipes with You 

Having makeup wipes on hand is a game changer during the warmer months of the year. Don’t sit and sweat your makeup into your pores, take action, wipe it off! We all love to look great and it starts with clean, hydrated skin!

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