The Summertime Picnic Sandwich You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

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Since you’re a go-getter summertime mama you’ve probably packed a couple of picnics for your afternoon adventures.

Are your egg salad, deli meat, tuna or veggie sandwiches just not cutting it anymore?

LET ME TELL YOU. I have discovered the most delicious alternative to the boring old traditional sandwiches your family has grown to loathe.  

I’m the type of person who hates food prep. I hate spending more than 3 minutes putting together a meal let alone one sandwich. The first few times I came across the recipe, I threw it to the back of the books just because I had to chop and measure out a few extra ingredients. Then finally last week, the stars aligned and my two daughters (aged two and 8 months) took a nap at the same time. The. Same. One. Hour. THIS NEVER HAPPENS.

I was beside myself with peace and quiet and TIME TO MYSELF. My long list of to-do’s flashed before my eyes but I promptly pushed that to the back of my mind and decided to do something I never do:

Take time to feed myself properly.

Busy mamas, I know you feel me. But trust me on this one. This sandwich is worth the extra effort. The bonus: my toddler even ate the same sandwich when she got up. I didn’t even have to make two separate meals. Mind. Blown.

I am here to share with you the tastiest sandwich I’ve eaten in a long time.


(Oh yeah, did I mention this is gluten free and vegan? In case you care. I don’t. It’s just delicious.) The recipe is from the amazing vegetarian food blog Vanilla and Bean.

Now there are definitely some changes I had to make to this sandwich to make it work for me. First of all, I do not even know what stone ground mustard is. Turns out, French’s works just fine. Oh, and I doubled the pickle situation. I completely omitted the dill weed, too. Not because I don’t love dill. I doubled the pickles, remember? I just didn’t have any dill weed and things were a-okay.

I piled this sandwich on my Dave’s Killer Bread because who doesn’t love eating lunch provided in part by an ex-convict! I didn’t have any sprouts, so I used romaine lettuce instead and added some thick sliced tomatoes. It is the perfect sandwich.

Picnic goers beware – it’s a little messy. I’d pack these sandwiches tightly in saran wrap or ziplock otherwise chickpeas will be everywhere. But I think of this sandwich like eating tacos. All the yummy bits that fall out get scooped up and eaten with my fingers anyway.

There you have it. A fancy sandwich to kick your summertime picnics up a notch.

You can find the original recipe here:





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