5 Easy Steps To Creating Your Backyard Mama Oasis; No Matter How Small Your Space

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I have this tiny patio. Sure, I am lucky enough to also have an entire backyard (filled with playsets, kiddie pools and sand pits)… but off of my master bedroom, I have this little four foot by four foot patio. It overlooks my front yard and apple tree, and beyond that, the mountains that surround the lake. Our street has no lights, so at night, all you can see is stars stars stars.

The first time I saw the patio, I imagined myself sipping coffee and writing in the mornings, and in the evenings, enjoying a good wine buzz with some twinkling patio lights.

Okay. I have two little babies. The likelihood of these things happening is slim to none, but a girl can dream, right?

I set out to make my dream a reality this summer. I’ll share with you my tips to make any yard or patio space your own mini mama retreat.


  1. Own Your Space

I don’t mean legally. I mean, that is kind of important too, but what I mean is… tell your family this is YOUR space and you’re not sharing. I  rarely ever let my kids on my little patio. I don’t want them to break my buddha and ruin my karma or anything. Lets keep the mantra “no kids allowed” for your little retreat space! In fact, let’s make a rustic wooden sign that says “mama’s retreat”, or even better, “you may only enter with wine and snacks.”

   2.  Fill it with eye pleasing, functional furniture

In my case, I bought a cheap IKEA patio set and built myself a wooden outdoor club chair. I wanted something comfy to sit in at night to star gaze, and also somewhere to put my coffee or wine. I also dragged an old, haggard wooden shelf upstairs from the basement that has been lingering around doing nothing in our house for years. It now has the job of holding all my plants that may or may not be dying.


3.  Decorate how you want. Make it beautiful!

Along with my patio set, I bought a cheap outdoor rug from IKEA. I strung up some patio lights I found on sale at Superstore, and a wind chime I bought on a recent vacation to Harrison, and a cute sitting buddha statue that caught my eye at Home Sense. Then I bought a bunch of plants that probably wont make it until the end of summer and voila. I love my space. It’s gorgeous and inviting.

  4.  Stock your space with essentials

Wine cork, check. Book, check. Cozy blanket, check. Maybe a cute candle or something for the evenings too and you’re set. You’ll be way more inclined to set aside a few minutes to yourself if you don’t need to run around the house collecting things first! Just leave everything there. Remember, you told your kids to GTFO. This is your space. Everything should be just how you left it. 

5.  Enjoy it.

Even if it’s a quick 10 minutes in the morning before the household comes alive or the last few moments of the day befroe you collapse into bed. Hell, a few uninterrupted minutes during nap time sounds good to me too.

If your household is anything like mine, you pretty much can’t look or walk anywhere without running into piles of diapers, toys, or discarded snack wrappers. The babies crib is even in our room still (don’t judge!). Creating my own little zen garden has been the best way for me to enjoy a part of my house where I don’t need to stress about tidying or cleaning up and organizing toys.


Make this happen for yourself mama! You deserve it. Cheers.

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