Workout of the Week: Training to Sustain Week 3

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Welcome to your Workout of the Week program- free motivation and fitness guidance from Fraser  Valley Lifestyle Magazine! My workouts are designed to be sustainable and effective- I believe in taking fitness one day at a time, so every week we’ll change it up and get you moving in a way that makes you stronger, faster, and fitter.

Each  week, I’ll provide a quick and easy-to-follow workout broken into two groups: Beginners, who we’ll call the LIVABLE group; and those who want an extra challenge, who we’ll call the SUFFERABLE group.

Each workout is broken into a movement or a sequence of movements, which you will complete the prescribed number of rounds of before moving on to the next one.

Let’s get started with Week Three!

This week I want to add a pulling exercise. I want everyone to find a way to pull- so far in Weeks 1 & 2 we have covered push exercises, lunges and abdominal work… now the pull needs to be included to round things out!

Push, pull and squat exercise variations will do wonders for mobility, strength and posture. Door frame pull up bars or gymnastic rings along with a band are worthwhile purchases for anyone looking to improve their fitness from home.

Both Liveable and Sufferable  Warm-Up

Warm up with 10 minutes of activity. Your choice, it can be a slow jog, skipping, jumping jacks or dancing to a favorite song. Just be sure to raise heart rate and get all joints moving.


Both Liveable and Sufferable Work-Out

5 pull ups, 10 air squats, 15 no pushup burpees x 2 rounds (Please see below video for proper form on the air squat and no push up burpee).


For the pull ups, if you have a bar you can use a band to assist. If you have gymnastic rings see below video.


The important thing to remember is a pull up is a difficult skill and scaling may be needed. For example you can reduce the number of reps- maybe do 2 to start,  or consider jumping pull ups rather than strict.  The important thing is to stay safe, and to start somewhere!

Livable Workout

10 rounds of running for 30 seconds at a sustainable pace then 30 seconds at a light jog.

Shake it out and briskly walk the same distance covered in above run.


Sufferable Workout

16 rounds of running for 30 seconds at a sustainable pace then 30 seconds at a light jog.

Shake it out and briskly walk for 10 minutes.


Both groups cool down and stretch.


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