Which Meal Plan Program is Right for Your Family?

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Over the past few months I have been struggling with what kind of meals to make for myself and my two year old son. To give you a bit of perspective, I am a horrible eater and could survive on coffee and some crackers for the entire day. On the other hand, part of my bad eating habits have rubbed off on my son (who refuses to eat half the time). Also as a single parent I am not one to buy a ton of groceries just to have them in the fridge when more then half of them will probably go to waste and or won’t even get eaten just for the sake of trying to cook for one adult and one child.
I had been seeing a lot of bloggers and influencers on Instagram trying out this meal prep programs that deliver you meals (with all the ingredients) and all you had to do was cook them. Seems simple, right? Well it honestly is that simple. And it seemed to be the perfect solution for my tiny household.

Next I had to decide which to choose meal prep program and company to choose from! The top few I had to consider were: Chef’s Plate, Hello Fresh Canada, and Fresh Prep. All three were based out of the lower mainland, had similar preparations, and were slightly similar in price – ranging from $10 – $13 a plate when you broke it down. Ultimately I went with Fresh Prep due to the fact of the price and the recipes you could choose from. Some dishes with the other companies seemed very odd and not something I or a toddler would eat.

Now that isn’t to say the other options might be better for your family and the dietary needs you’re looking for, but Fresh Prep checked all the boxes for me and my son. As a single mom my time is limited and sometimes so are my resources; having a meal plan service that chops up the veggies for me,  has everything pre-portioned, when all I have to do is throw it together and add my own oil, salt, and pepper, and is ready in 15-30 minutes – well that’s a mom win if I do say so myself. Plus, its kid approved!

On-top of that it has actually improved mine and Ry’s diet – allowing us to eat better meals in the correct portion sizes. I am enjoying what I am eating again. Plus after a crazy day of running around, working from home, etc. it’s nice to know I can whip something up within 15 minutes and not needing to worry or decide what to make.

If you’ve been humming and hawing about joining a meal preparation program, I suggest doing a bit of research. Look at price point, what type of meals are offered, is this something your family would even enjoy?  Try it out for a week just to see!

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