5 Healthy Foods To Keep in Your Fridge or Pantry at All Times!

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If you’re trying to eat healthy but you find yourself sabotaging those efforts through your snacking habits, look no further! Here are five snack foods to keep in your fridge or pantry at all times. So go ahead, snack away!
1) Low fat plain Greek yogurt! High in protein and low in calories, it’s hard to overdo it when it comes to this stuff! Try it with a drizzle of honey, stir in some peanut butter and cocoa powder, or even try mixing it with salsa or ranch seasoning mix for an excellent dip for raw veggies!

2) Fresh cut veggies such as cucumber or baby carrots and celery. Dip in salsa for a low calorie snack that’s sure to hold you over until dinner.

3) Hard boiled eggs. Don’t underestimate these for their satisfaction powers! At 70 to 80 calories each and 6 or 7 grams of protein, boiled eggs make a perfect snacking food. Pair with Hummus, salsa, or plain old sea salt!

4) Natural almonds. Not only do they provide an excellent dose of healthy fats and vitamin E, almonds are great for snacking too! Portable, convenient and tasty, just be sure to get ones without added sugars or too much salt which will leave you thirsty!
5) Low fat string cheeses or mini Babel. These aren’t just for kids! Pair with some fresh cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, or rye crackers for a satisfying snack that rates high in protein as well as satisfaction!
So there you have it! Try subbing in these foods next time you feel tempted to reach for those potato chips or cookies! If you keep them at eye’s level they will be the first thing you see when you open your refrigerator. If you always have these things on hand and ready to eat you’ll be more likely to reach for them!

So what are you waiting for!? Happy snacking!!


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