Automotive Themed Christmas Ideas

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I bet the last thing you’re thinking of when making your Christmas shopping list is auto-themed items for gifts. Yet, this is one of the best categories to go with. There’s more than enough ideas, many people on your list have cars and the stocking-stuffer options alone are endless! Plus you have the opportunity to go with functional, fun or both.

It doesn’t matter if someone is a car-enthusiast or just a car user, even for that hard-to-buy-for person these ideas are sure to help you find a great, thoughtful gift that you may not have considered before.

Functional stocking stuffers:
– Air-vent mount for phones allows use of the phone’s GPS as a navigation system (Best
Buy, Walmart, Amazon)
– Disposable cleaning wipes (Armor All) or Microfiber cleaning cloths, for quick wipe
downs inside the car. I keep mine in my door pocket as I hate seeing dust on the
– Roadside emergency kit and/or first aid kit
– Multi port car chargers to keep everyone charged and happy (Best Buy)
– Duster with multi tips, to clean dust out of vents and other hard-to- reach areas
– Car headrest hooks hold purses, backpacks and grocery bags at the back of the seat to
keep the floor clean and safe
– Safety multi-tools like the Secur 6 in 1 Car Charger which is a power bank, flashlight,
emergency light, window breaker and seat-belt cutter (Best Bur, Walmart)
– Ice scrapers – so many kinds to choose from, from the basic practical (Home Depot,
Canadian Tire, etc.) to the fun and wild like insulated animal paws (Amazon)

Red and White Gift BoxFun stocking stuffers:
– Scented vent clips (Bath and Body Works)
– Coaster lights sit in your cup holder and light it up with solar power
– Personalized phone cases featuring a favourite auto manufacturer
– Keychains that can be personalized or feature a mini tire pressure gauge, a favourite
auto manufacturer or even a mini turbo charger (Amazon)
Men (and many women) functional gifts:
– Remote car starter, ideal to start the car from the coziness of inside (Extreme Dreams
Automotive in Abbotsford)
– Sports racks
– Heavy duty floor mats (Extreme Dreams Automotive in Abbotsford)
– Cargo organizer, great to increase storage and keep vehicle tidier

Men (and many women) fun gifts:
– Car part furniture. Look for the work of artists who recycle car parts and turn them into
wonderful pieces of furniture and accessories. I’ve seen the body of a car turned into a
couch, a steering wheel turned into a clock, a car bumper into a neon sign.
– Personalized licence plates (but you need to be a registered owner to change plates)
– Dash cams (Extreme Dreams Automotive in Abbotsford)
– Heated/massaging seat cushions – need I say more? (Bed Bath and Beyond)
– Seat buckle belts are belts to wear that feature seat buckle closures. These are definitely
for car enthusiasts and younger boys. Our son got one a few years ago. (Zumiez and
– Funny automotive related gear such as T-shirts, mugs, bowls and more. You can even
get a Snap-On steak knife set!

– Toy cars
– Fun travel pillows
– Organizers to hang on the seat in front of them to hold toys, games, ipads.
– Fun seat belt covers that are soft and animal themed to make the seat belt more
– Create a travel toy and game kit to keep kids amused on longer drives

Women only:
– Fun tire valve caps. I saw some in the shape of little pink crowns!
– Just about any car accessory can let a gal get her pink on. Pink tires and rims, seat
covers, steering wheel covers, even wiper blades. Everyone has a friend who pink car
accessories work for.

There are plenty more ideas out there – you only have to think about cars to start seeing unique and fun gift items that show you care.

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