Helpful Holiday Tips For The Home

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Want to have a super holiday season? Learn how to prevent these common missteps so you can enjoy the holiday season stress-free with your loved ones!

holiday meal


Not only can overcooking ruin your dinner menu, but it can also lead to a small fire or a ringing smoke detector.

Tip: Assign at least one person to keep an eye on the food in the kitchen — take shifts if necessary. Double-check that the stove, oven, and pressure cooker are powered off when cooking is finished before leaving the kitchen.

Holiday lights


Too many plugs, wires, and lights in one space can cause a holiday fire or blow a fuse.

Tip: At most, connect only three strands of incandescent string lights. Consider purchasing
LED decorative lights — they are safer and will last longer.

Christmas lights

Electricity Usage

With all of the decorations, the electric bill can skyrocket.

Tip: Turn off or unplug decorations before heading to bed or leaving the house. Consider syncing up all the decorations to a timer — you’ll put the lights on autopilot and spend less on energy this season.



Creosote, a byproduct of wood burning, can release toxins and increase the risk of an uncontrolled fire in your home.

Tip: Schedule a yearly inspection to check for levels of creosote, and arrange a cleaning


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