Fraser Valley Cider Company with Owner, Rachel Bolongaro

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“After a 20-year career in engineering, I was looking for a new challenge. While mulling over a few ideas I took a course on cider making to improve my home cider skills and thought ….hey wait a minute! And so a project was born. We found our 12-acre farm in January 2014, picked out the site of our future cidery, and made an offer.”* ~ Rachel Bolongaro, Fraser Valley Cider Company

In this episode, we visit with Rachel Bolongara, owner of Fraser Valley Cider Company, and discuss:

  • How Fraser Valley Cider Company got its start.
  • Rachel describes the orchard that they have on their property and the challenges of growing apples in the Fraser Valley.
  • How local businesses like the local wineries and Fraser Valley Cider Company are working together.
  • What have Rachel‘s biggest challenges been starting this new venture?
  • What is one of Rachel‘s favourite things about living and doing business in the Fraser Valley?
  • Rachel describes her upcoming opening weekend and the special events that are planned. They now have their lounge license and are able to offer wine, and cider-based cocktails. Expect some great entertainment and food.
  • Rachel talks about where they get their fruit from and the amount they need to make cider.
  • Rachel describes the difference between their traditional craft cider and the cider you might buy in a store.

Fraser Valley Cider Company

*Website: https://www.fraservalleycider.ca
Photos and Instagram (used with permission): @fraservalleycider
Location: Fraser Valley Cider Company, 22128 – 16th Avenue, Langley, BC

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