10 Health And Fitness Social Accounts You Must Follow!

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We all go onto social media looking for something to get us going or keep us going. If you venture into the fitness world, you will undoubtedly try a workout you find on Instagram or Youtube. Social media has opened to us, an endless library of information on anything. However, you might find yourself on Instagram looking for something but you don’t know what it is. The following list is for people who might need a nudge in the right direction, answers to questions, or someone to pump you up!

Lets dig in.

1. Rhonda Patrick @foundmyfitness

She has a Ph, D in Biomedical science and is an expert on health, brain health, cancer, and aging. One of her (many) pearls of wisdom is about heat and cold shock proteins. These proteins are created when the body is met with intense heat or cold exposure, like a sauna or an icy plunge pool. Rhonda Patrick is at the tip of the spear for health related science and has many tips to enhance your performance.

2. Marcus Martinez – @kettlebellexercises

Marcus runs with the best when it comes to kettlebells and social media. His unique style of movement and flow is applied to the often “hardcore” reputation that kettlebells have. Whether or not you’re a beginner, he has plenty of content to help you with basics all the way to juggling kettlebells. Yeah it’s a thing, and Marc has the best content out there to help you simplify or become super technical with or without juggling iron. 

3. Jocko Willink @jockowillink

If you haven’t heard of this man, he exemplifies discipline and hardwork. Jocko is a former Navy SEAL, an author and podcast host (Jocko podcast). His message is simple, “discipline equals freedom”. He does a great job of making you feel lazy, not because you can’t do what he does, but because you he makes you believe you CAN do what he does. You’re likely to get off the toilet right now and get to work. You have been warned.

4. Wim Hof @iceman_hof

He scaled Everest in shorts, swam in the arctic, and ran a marathon in the Namib desert, all unassisted. Don’t feel bad about yourself yet, he did these feats by using breathing techniques in order to control his core temperature. Wim hof often talks about the importance of the breath in order to master your life, and even do exactly as he has done. Maybe wait a bit before you tackle Everest, but at least get some fresh advice. Breathing techniques are sure to amp up your training or help you chill out. 

5. Don Walters @rehabscience

On any given day you can be given great advice for the most common issues or faults with your nervous system or musculoskeletal systems. Usually within small breakdowns on Instagram, he has a whole library of common problems and how to fix them. If you use your social media like a tool kit, his account is essential.

6. Jeff Cavelier @athleanx

If you like to have a deep understanding of physiology in a short period of time, Jeff has you covered. He is a physical Therapist that puts the “science back in strength”. You’re guaranteed to learn more than you thought you would with his content. He will break down how movements work (and don’t work) to give you the best possible outcome from your time in the gym.

7. Ben Greenfield @bengreenfieldfitness

Ben is known as “The Brain” of triathlon. Take that in. Triathlons are not for the faint of heart and he has an entire system to get you through gruelling races with diet and exercise plans to lifestyle tips. One reason why he is so important to the fitness industry, is because he experiments. A LOT. This is one of the crucial components of a well rounded expert in any field. Ben Greenfield is an author and podcast host with plenty of information to keep you engaged and ready for the next competition.

8. Franchesca Martinez @franchescafit

This account might be off the beaten path for many people but rest assured that she will have you fully immersed in her work. If you’re new to “movement culture”, the whole idea is about moving your body with control and grace. Franchesca teaches you how to move your body how you always wanted to.  

9. Strong First @strongfirst

The name should tip you off that this account is all about strength as a foundation. Typically with body-weight movements, the trainers on this account show you the basics in comprehensive videos. This account is for the no BS approach to fitness so that you get the right advice and improve what you’re doing without injury.

10. Jay Maryniak @jtm_fit

Jay is a high performance freak that will show you just how powerful the human body is. His hulk like physique can fool you into thinking he was born the way he is, but his personal story will tell you the contrary and then some. He has a past of drug abuse and he came back from the ashes as what epitomizes a ‘machine’. He offers several programs to help you do the things he does in his videos and even if that’s not your thing, you’re sure to be picking your jaw off the floor after a few videos. 

This list is obviously too short to get all the amazing people included, but you can definitely start here. When you’re searching for inspiration, motivation, techniques and fresh perspectives, Youtube and Instagram really are at the pinnacle for free help for anyone looking for anything. This guide is to give you a nudge so that if you’re bored or don’t know where to start, start here. Remember, to work hard, experiment and have fun!


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