Backyard Party Ideas You Need to Try This Summer!

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It’s almost August and summertime is bumpin’! Before we know it, September will be looming. Make sure to throw at least one more epic backyard bash before the summer comes to an end. We’ve rounded up some awesome backyard party ideas to make your next shindig a hit.

Games Night 

Host a backyard games night. In addition to sporty games like badminton, you can have horseshoes, beanbag toss, and bocce ball set up as well! Run one game at a time or section off parts of your yard for mini tournaments and have your friends make teams.  If that seems like a little too much work, stick to beer pong and giant Jenga. Games always liven up a party.

Movie Night

I don’t think anything screams “summer nights” as much as an outdoor movie night. Borrow or rent a projector if you don’t have one, and throw some classics up on a screen or even the side of your house. Make sure everyone is cozy with some blankets and pillows, then bust out that popcorn maker that collects dust in your pantry. Add in some Twizzlers, M&M’s, and of course your favourite bottle of wine, and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable evening. 


Hosting a potluck party can be a lot of fun. It’s mostly fun because you don’t have as much work to do, and you can actually enjoy yourself! Keep everyone on the same page by telling your guests the theme of the menu (ie, appetizers, barbecue, finger foods), and then be sure to send them home with their dirty dishes. Not only does a potluck keep party prep work light and easy, it makes the event flow seamlessly as your guests can share platters and discuss the food.

Theme Party

This type of backyard party will require a little planning and possibly some decor, menu, and music planning – but they are always so worth it. There are a ton of fun themes to choose from: 80’s, Mexican, Hawaiian, carnival, beach, boho, redneck… crank some party themed tunes, mix up some special cocktails & get in costume! You can even plan some themed activities for your guests. Be sure to take lots of photos if you go all out with this one!

Go Formal 

Think diner en blanc, but scaled a little smaller. Design some invitations, use proper table settings and get creative with centre pieces. Make a note on your invitations for guests to attend in formal wear and hire a caterer! A bartender is also a nice touch. This backyard party may be a little on the pricey side but you’ll end the evening feeling fancy AF.


So grab some string lights, patio lanterns and tiki torches. Curate a mix tape or at least pick a decent Spotify playlist. Food, beverages, entertainment and you’re set. There’s still over a month of amazing summer nights to enjoy! 

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