Tourism Abbotsford Announces New Destination Brand

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(Abbotsford, BC)  Attended by a VIP guest list of 200 people, Tourism Abbotsford unveiled its destination brand last night at the Rail District Collective. The event highlighted the arts, local musicians, and farm-to plate foods, all significant offerings of the new brand identity.

The branding process was led by Destination Think!, a Vancouver-based international agency specializing in destination promotion and development. After months of research that included surveys, focus groups, and stakeholder workshops, the new brand captures the spirit of these conversations and highlights Abbotsford’s agricultural history, authenticity, passion, and diversity. Its essence speaks to “A cultivated city, which connects people to the land and to each other…a place to set and grow roots together.”

Credit: Field House Brewing Photographer: Sean Dalin

“Abbotsford’s fertile farming land has sustained life since time immemorial, starting over 10,000 years with the Semá:th and Matsqui First Nations. Today, Abbotsford is Canada’s largest farming community. Then there is the rapidly growing momentum as Abbotsford has begun to realize its potential. We are so proud of the community and the experiences showcased. The timing was right to create a new brand, one that will allow us to feature the community in a way that aligns with Abbotsford’s DNA and demonstrate to locals, visitors, and potential guests the uniqueness of the area,” says Craig Nichols, Executive Director of Tourism Abbotsford.

Given the global trend of experiential tourism, tourists continue to crave meaningful experiences, ones that engage their senses and foster emotional and spiritual connections. Abbotsford is a strong experiential destination, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Credit: Colla Films Inc.

“Tourism is growing at a record pace across Canada, particularly right here in the Fraser Valley and Abbotsford. Globally, we’re seeing a growing desire to combine travel with personal growth as travelers value cities and experiences that align with their values, such as honouring the environment, thinking sustainably, supporting local businesses, and creating world citizenship. These types of experiences are in line with Abbotsford’s ‘handmade and homegrown’ core,” says Daniel Laverick, Board President of Tourism Abbotsford.

The new destination brand will be brought to life in marketing and public relations campaigns.

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