25 Activities to Add to Your Bucket List Before Summer 2019 is Over

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Have you ever made a Bucket List? You know, a list of things you want to complete before you die, or hit 40, or retire. Here is a bucket list of 25 things to do before this the summer of 2019 is over.  

  1. Swim in a Lake 
  2. Star gaze on a clear night 
  3. Go camping 
  4. Leave the phone alone for a whole day/weekend 
  5. Make S’mores over a fire 
  6. Go to a waterpark for the day 
  7. See a drive-in movie 
  8. Go for a hike 
  9. Read a book (or two or three) 
  10. Go to an outdoor concert 
  11. Spend the day at an amusement park 
  12. Go to an outdoor sporting event (baseball, soccer etc) 
  13. Have a water balloon fight 
  14. Go to the zoo 
  15. Try Geo Caching 
  16. Watch the sunrise 
  17. Watch the sunset 
  18. Get ice cream from the ice cream truck 
  19. Shop at a Farmer’s Market 
  20. Go to a local fair 
  21. Go fishing 
  22. Have a picnic 
  23. Plant some flowers, or even better a whole vegetable garden 
  24. Play in the sprinkler 
  25. Go for a bike ride around your town 

So, there you go! There are a ton of ideas, and you can always customize this list to fit your family better. I’m off to start crossing some of these off my list! Today, we played in the sprinkler, so I’m crossing #24 off of our list! Have fun this summer (but don’t forget sunscreen and water!) 

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