9 Cottages and Cabins Around Chilliwack Perfect for a Quiet Getaway

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Chilliwack’s Summers are a truly unforgettable experience. Everything comes to life, the colours are so vibrant and with extensive nature, lakes and rivers, there is just so much to do! Whether you’re looking for a tranquil couple’s getaway, or a perfect place on the lake to gather with your family this Summer, you can find it all here. We took the liberty of putting together a list of cottages, tiny homes, and cabins around Chilliwack we think you will love.

For Couples and Families


Fraser River’s Edge B&B

Tiny House on Chilliwack River

Waterfront Cabin on Cultus Lake

Vedder River Cabin

For Large Groups


Chalet With Pool and Hot Tub


Lakeside at Cultus

Cultus Lake Chalet

Lakefront Tranquility on Cultus Lake

Ryder Lake Glacier Peak Chalet

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