Father’s Day Gift Guide

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I find Father’s Day gifts to be one of the hardest gifts to buy. Unless your guy has a specific hobby that you can add to each year, it can be really hard to come up with what to get. Lucky for you, I’m here to help you with a few ideas this year!  

If you have young children, I find homemade gifts to be the best option. What Dad doesn’t love getting gift made just for them by their little ones. A few that we have done in the past year are:

“My Dad Rocks” painted rock 

 This one is super easy and super fun. Let your kids pick out a rock or two. Have them paint the rock with some of their favourite (or his favourite) paint colours. When my kids were really young, I just had them decorate the rock with chalk so they didn’t get completely filthy! After the paint is dry, take a sharpie and write the words “My Dad Rocks” on the decorated rock. And there you have it! My husband still has his rock by his bedside. It makes a great paper weight  

“World’s Best Dad” picture 

 This is fairly similar to above and again super easy! Write the words “World’s Best Dad” on a piece of paper and let your kids go at it with crayons or markers. My daughter made a beautiful one a few years ago for my husband that hung on our fridge for years until her little sister decided to test the scissors out on it. My husband and daughter were both pretty disappointed when it got destroyed! 

My Daddy Fill in the Blank  

 This is my plan for this year. You can get lots of printable ideas on Pinterest. Basically, you sit down and ask your little one a bunch of questions about their Dad and write it down on the card. Questions can be like “My Dads name is…” to “My Dad is funny when…” Just wait to see what they answer! On Mothers Day, my husband and kids took me out for lunch and my husband asked he girls why they love Mommy. My oldest daughter said “Because she plays with me.” My younger daughter on the other hand said “Because she lets me fart in the bathroom.” I’ll be interested to see what they say for my husband! Prepare yourself for all sorts of answers!  

 As your kids get older, or if your kids are really young, or if DIY isn’t really your thing, there are still lots of other options. Here are just a few: 

Wallet or Briefcase 

 I’ve gotten both of these for my husband when our girls were younger. For his first Father’s Day, our daughter was only 7 months old. I knew he hated carrying a bulky wallet around with him all the time, he complained about it constantly! So, I hoped onto Etsy and got him a handsome monogramed money clip. He loves it and still uses it to this day. Another year, after our second daughter was just born, he had just started his own Insurance business and was carrying all his papers around in a backpack. Not the most professional, so we got him a really nice briefcase that he could fit his laptop and all his files into.   

Beer Sampler 

 My hubby would be so happy with this present! It’s pretty easy to do as well. Just head to your local craft brewery and pick out 4-6 different types of beer. My hubby really likes stouts, so I’d get at least one of those for him. A lot of breweries will even package them up nice for you. It makes a fantastic gift.  

Personalized Coffee Mug 

 Does your guy drink a lot of coffee? Mine does and he has a thing about drinking coffee out of big, white mugs. I had a white tea mug that I don’t use anymore because it’s been permanently stained with coffee from him using it all the time! Anyway, there are lots of things you can add to a white mug to make it personalized. I love the Rae Dunn mugs! But there a ton of options. You could even make one yourself! Etsy has some great ones as well. Make it fun too, you can even put a funny saying on it.  

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