Perfect Gifts for Graduation

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After a full and busy school year, June is a time of celebration and excitement. Final tests are written, projects are handed in and grades are awarded. For students and parents, June is a season to look forward to what life holds next while remembering the challenges and successes that have met you along the way. 

No matter what level of schooling your graduates are completing – high school, university, masters programs  being able to honour their achievements is a wonderful part of their education journey.  

Personalized gifts are always heartwarming and appreciated. There are many places online, like Etsy and Amazon, or brick and mortar locations like Things Engraved, that can help you find the right item to commemorate your graduate’s commencement. 

But if you’re looking for something a little different but still special, here are a few ideas for graduation gifts for the Class of 2019. 


If you still want to give something thoughtful and sentimental, jewelry is always a good idea. And with the idea of being sent out into the world to discover their way, I love the symbol of the compass. For any style or outfit, these mementos will remind them of where they’ve been, where they’re going and that you are behind them wherever they go. 

Pieces of 8 Compass Pendant Necklace 

Silver Compass Cuff Links Set 


But there are some graduates who have little need of or appreciation for regalia or the sentimental. So how about some useful gift ideas. When each of my younger siblings graduated from high school, I got each of them a journal so they could document their next adventures. A well-made journal is something to treasure.  

Stuff Every Graduate Should Know 

Experience Passport: 45 Ways to Broaden Your Horizons 

Life Journey Journal 


And then there’s the class clowns and our favourite comedians. There are plenty of great gifts to give that celebrate their achievements and help remind us of the lighter side of life. 

May Your Coffee Kick In Mug 

Motivational Keychain 

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