May Long Weekend Activities and Events

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May long. Its the first long weekend of the year that promises outdoor adventures. This year weve lucked out, as the weather has been absolutely perfect for any type of activity you could dream up for the long weekend.  Most people book their May Long plans way ahead in anticipation of sunshine & fun, but if the Victoria Day stat is looming and you still have no plans, dont worry, Ive got ya.  

 Here are a couple of fun ideas for your May Long Weekend: 


This is a no-brainer, and pretty much everyone I know goes camping for May Long, but hey, I thought Id suggest it.  If youre a seasoned vet, then Im sure you have your tent and sleeping bag easily accessible and your favourite camp spots already booked or picked up.  If youre a first timer, Id hit Canadian Tire for all the supplies you need, and then check out the website to book a campsite.  


If youre not into camping (I dont understand you) but I get it. Lets stay home instead and host an epic May Long Weekend (Potluck) BBQ.  I say potluck because who wants to spend all that time and money doing all the party prep? Not me. Potlucks are the best idea. Grab a cooler of ice, stock it with some bevvies, and challenge Uncle Steve to a game of beer pong. If youre going to stay home for May Long, do it the right way!  


 If you havent heard of geocaching, its basically a giant treasure hunt based in your neighbourhood (or anywhere, really). Download the app, and get hunting. Geocaching is a fun way to explore somewhere in your town you havent been before, or even just get some exercise around your neighbourhood. Besides, you find a sweet hidden treasure at the end and there is usually a log book to sign your name & see how many other people have found the treasure.” This treasure hunting leads me to my next suggestion  


 But not in the traditional sense. I see two ways of tackling this May Long Adventure: 

 1 – places; such as: what restaurant has the best patio mojitos? Which brunch restaurant holds the best waffle bar?, and 

 2 – objects; such as: a Birkenstock & sock-wearer, an Instagram husband, a hot pink flamingo, a red Lambo, and two kids driving their mother crazy. I think that list an easy starting point for you to hit the town and have an adventure this weekend. 


 You could definitely grab your cowboy boots & saddle up for the rodeo. The Cloverdale Rodeo is a classic that never goes out of style. Besides the rodeo itself, there are amusement rides, skateboarding competitions, pig races, and the lumberjack show, among other activities and exhibitions.  

 It runs all weekend and kids 12 and under are free!  


If I wasnt camping, I would be here. Beer and food, nice sunny long weekend, what else could you need? One day only (Saturday), you can catch 29 local craft breweries, over 80 different beers, food trucks, live music, and even axe throwing all going down in the heart of Fort Langley.  

This event is 19+ and runs from 12 – 6, and tickets are available online  here 


I love a good stay-cation. With AirBnB, this idea can get even better. Find somewhere close by that is relatively cheap and stay in town or a neighbouring town for the weekend! Check out Facebook for some local events, or try a new restaurant that you havent managed to hit yet. Go out for brunch, take a bike ride, lay on a beach or in a grassy park. Stay-cations can be just as great as vacations, and a hell of a lot cheaper! 


May Long Weekend will always mark the beginning of summer to me (although I know we are a ways away from summer” yet), and it always is so much fun – regardless of if I go all out on a trip, pick a remote camping spot, or even stay home and play beer pong and jump around in the sprinkler.  


Grab your shorts and your shades because whatever you plan on doing, sunshine is in the forecast!  

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