10 Great Ways to Get Outdoors in the Fraser Valley

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May, and Spring, has finally arrived. The sun is shining and you are feeling ambitious! Ambition to get outside and do stuff. But what to do? 

 Let me help you out. Here are 10 fun outdoor activities for you to tackle in the Fraser Valley when the sun is shining and youve just got to get out there. 

 1. Wild Play in Maple Ridge 

 This is seriously SO FUN. Its not just for kids. In fact, I think I cried the first time I went. Its an amazing combination of jungle-gyming and zip lining and obstacle courses. You get totally tethered into the course so its very safe, although manning my own carabiner and tether had me very nervous at first. Theres something about climbing ropes and ladders while suspended 40 feet in the air and in charge (without experience) of your own safety had me on edge (pun intended) the entire time. 

[Text Wrapping Break]Once youre up there, youve committed to zip lining; but I guess if youre really feeling gutsy, you could tackle bungy jumping and free jumping as well. Either way – who doesnt want to spend a beautiful day swinging on ropes and playing in the trees?  

 Let your inner child out and explore Wild Play, you wont regret it! 

 2 – Namaste Hiking Co.  

 Chilliwack-based Namaste Hiking Co. is an amazing pair of woman who have created the most amazing outdoor activity: hiking and yoga combined.  

 A little adventure, a little soul-seeking, a little calming and refreshing. Daisy & Lindsay take you on a guided hike through some of the areas most breath taking hikes and then you arrive at your destination to immerse yourself in a yoga practice in which you experience nature in a different way than you normally would. Sign me up.  

3 – Chilliwack River Rafting 

 If you want to get your heart pumping and adrenaline going, try Chilliwack River Rafting. The guides are so personable and fun and they truly give you an adventure you wont forget. They offer a different selection of trips based on your thirst for thrills – anything from their classic trip including a snack and a hike, to a kayak run through the rapids – day trips and overnight camping excursions – Chilliwack River Rafting is definitely a must-do.  

 4 – Popkum Motocross Track 

 If you live in the Fraser Valley, chances are youve driven up the Number 1 and have witnessed the crazy antics of the dirt bike riders on the side of the road. However, Popkum Motocross Track isnt just for experienced riders – they offer full rentals and lesson packages; so even if youve never sat down on a bike or ATV theyve got you covered.  

 If youre a little hesitant about being thrown in with the big bikes, dont worry. Popkum offers so much more than just their main track – juniors track, training areas, trails, endurocross park and even trials obstacles ensure every level of rider has something to tackle. 

 5 – Valley Wakeboard Park 

 When its ridiculously hot and you want to cool off but also have a great time? Check out the Valley Wakeboard Park in Albert Dyck Park in Abbotsford. You dont need a boat to try wakeboarding – their pulley system will effortlessly haul you across the lake so you can hit all the cool obstacles or just try and stay above water. Its definitely a fun way to cool off when the temperature rises and easily enough, you can book a session online before you head to the park! Just a heads up for out-of-towners; the parking lot fills up quickly so plan your trip early in the morning or later in the afternoon.  

6 – Farmers’ Markets  

 Since the previous 5 activities have focused on heart pumping adrenaline filled activities, I will  offer a couple of leisurely activities as well. Farmers markets are probably one of my favourite things that happen every year when the weather turns around. Usually beginning in mid-May, you can find a Farmers Market in almost every city in the Fraser Valley.  

 Grabbing everything from fresh baked goods to beautiful flowers and herbs to jams, jellies, and even soaps and scrubs, Farmers Markets are a fun way to support not only your local farmers but also your community. Keep your eyes peeled for signs popping up soon in your neighbourhood for your next local Farmers Market.  

7 – Farms 

If you dont want to wait for a market to pop up, why not just check out the farms themselves? Krauseberry Farms in Langley is one of my favourite places, but you can also check out Maan Farms in Abbotsford or stop by Birchwood Dairy in Chilliwack. You can pick up all sorts of goodies and also check out the cute farm animals. Definitely a fun thing to do when the weather is nice! 

8 – Mountain Biking  

You can leisurely ride your bike around the Chilliwack Rotary trail or even Mill Lake Park in Abbotsford, or you could check out some more intense downhill trails. Personally, I am a little limited to easy navigating streets or smooth trails since my two children still ride in the bike chariot, but we will definitely be tackling longer expeditions when the days are longer. Pack a picnic and hit the trails – biking is probably one of my favourite things to do around the Valley. The views are incredible and the trails are easily accessible and marked; you cant go wrong. 

9 – The Abby Grind 

If youve ever trekked into Vancouver for the infamous Grouse Grind, you may have heard of the Abbotsford equivalent – the Abbotsford Grind. Though not nearly as long, or possibly as steep, East Abbotsford hosts a particular hike that is quite enduring and exhausting. If youve never done the Abby Grind, Id like to suggest appropriate footwear like hiking boots or good quality shoes since unlike the Grouse Grind, there are no steps or handrails; you are on your own with those steep hills! 

 10 – Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking 

Hello, have you driven around the Fraser Valley before? We have so many lakes! Get outside and rent a paddle board! Try kayaking! Do both! The Valley Wakeboard Park can hook you up with rentals right on the lake, or you can check out Western Canoe & Kayak for day or multi-day rentals. Check out Main Beach Rentals in Cultus Lake – you can even try a pedal boat! Since our home is abundant with lakes & beautiful bodies of water, itd be a shame to not get out there and spend some sunny days experiencing one of the best things about living here. 

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