Camping Essentials: Here’s What You Need for Your Next Camping Trip

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Summer is right around the corner and with that comes camping! Whether you’re staying in The Valley or going out of town we have the perfect list of camping essentials for you. We’re sure everyone knows the basics, sleeping bags, tents, pots & pans, etc. That’s why we are here to help with the extras, things you forget or they may even be the first things in your bags, depends who we’re talking to!  Keep reading to ensure you have everything you need to make your next trip a success. 

For The Ladies 

Ladies, we all need to keep our faces clean which is why we recommend some face wipes and a hydrating mist. Nothing wild, but it does the trick to keeping your skin dewy fresh throughout your experience with minimal effort and product.  

 Entertainment Wise, Keep it Old School  

Camping is about connecting with nature and the people you’re with, we suggest tucking the phones away until you’re back or at least putting them on airplane mode to ensure a stress free trip! 

 To Help With That Connection…

 if you have a yoga mat, bring it! A few minutes to yourself out in nature, focusing on your breathing is a cup of coffee on its own!  Next we suggest books, for those days you don’t leave your seat or spend soaking up the sun! 


 Bring your bluetooth speaker or wireless radio to always have good tunes in the background. If you play instruments, feel free to bring those too! 


Badminton, soccer, football, frisbee, scavenger hunts, etc. Are all recommended and extremely fun to play with a gang of people. Make it interesting by coming up with your own rules, make it a drinking game, who cares, camping is about having fun and letting loose. Tubes to hang around and float in are also awesome on scorching days! Stay cool and comfortable. Don’t forget life jackets if need be! 

 Sun Care 


Don’t forget to bring sun protection i.e. hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, beach umbrellas, whatever your pick is, you need it! The summer sun isn’t the healthiest place to be for hours unprotected! Not only do we want you to have fun, we want you to be safe too! Bug spray or citronella candles are also great options to keep bugs at bay once the evening rolls around!  

 Seating is a Big Priority 

We’re sure you know, but like we always say, a reminder never hurt anyone! Folding lawn chairs are a classic camping staple that you can pick up at almost every store, Walmart, Home Depot, Superstore, etc. They are cost efficient and easy to pack!  

Rope hammocks are another great option, also found at the stores above. You can’t go wrong with a rope hammock. They don’t get too hot or feel like they’re suffocating you and are perfect for lazy day naps, or a place to read. Don’t forget to tie it properly! We wouldn’t want anyone accidentally falling (but we sure wouldn’t mind seeing it, if it were to occur)! 

 Miscellaneous Items 

A few extra and random necessities we suggest are earplugs! For those times your site neighbours decide to party all night long. 

Glow sticks are loads of fun for children. the kind you can wear are great for evenings or late night games, use specific colours to make teams and much more!  

 For mornings we suggest a french press for coffee, easy and mess free. A cast iron pan ( with an oven mitt ) is also recommended seeing as cookie sheets will warp due to the fires heat and leave foods unevenly cooked or burnt to a crisp! A few more miscellaneous items include, lighters or matches, firewood, tanning oil, foot pumps, car chargers, napkins or paper towel, dish soap, thermos, reusable water bottles/durable cups and mugs, and prongs to roast marshmallows. 

  There you have it, a few of those “extra” things to make your next camping trip successful and fun! Leave a comment down below with some other camping essentials you and your family/friends have as “musts” that we may have missed! Happy Camping, everyone! 

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