The Best of Fraser Valley Breweries

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There is so much natural beauty and wonder to be found in The Fraser Valley. So, is it really surprise that there has been a noticeable boom in the amount of amazing, delicious and local food and drinks that can be enjoyed here? Not really. And it’s exciting to see and hear about new establishments that are still yet to come. 

At any local eatery, pub, restaurant or food truck, you’re a likely to encounter a delectable array of local draught taps to pair with your meal. There are more and more Fraser Valley breweries that are making a name for themselves both locally and outside of the Fraser Valley. With something for every palette, each of these brewing companies are worth a visit with your friends and family for a truly unique Fraser Valley brewery experience.  

Many breweries offer a tasting flight so you can sample a few before settling on a favourite to sip on for the evening. And if you’re planning to make a day of it with a trip to a few breweries, most offer a menu of snacks or specially created entrees to enhance your beer tasting adventure.  

I personally have a few favourites that we frequent whenever it’s date night or we have guests from out of town. Four Winds, Trading Post and Field House are stand outs for me, but all the breweries listed have beers that will appeal to your particular preferences. Not everything local is a super hoppy IPA. 

Always be sure to bring your growler with you as the breweries really do know what they’re doing when it comes to cultivating a beer culture that is genuinely a flattering snapshot of how great the Fraser Valley is; you’re going to want to take some of that culture home with you. 


Four Winds Brewing Co. 

Big Ridge Brewing Co. 

Central City Brewers & Distillers  

Russell Brewing Company 

White Rock Brewing 

Trading Post Brewery  

Dead Frog Brewery 

Field House Brewing Co. 

Old Abbey Ales 

Ravens Brewing Company 

Old Yale Brewing  

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