Spring Fashion Trends and How to Style Them

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Fun jumpsuits, earth tones, and chunky jewellery have all come back. In this blog learn how to style 5 of Spring 2019’s trends. We will be teaching you how to layer and wear each item! Keep reading to see how you can wear each trend during the day and in the evening. Don’t forget to make sure you aren’t making yourself uncomfortable in your clothes, fashion is an expression of the self! 


When did jumpsuits even go out of style? The answer? Never. That means once again, they’re making a “comeback.” For the last 2+ years jump/broiler suits have been the hype. How do we dress them up for a night out? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.   


During the day try dressing your jumpsuit down ( or up ) with a leather jacket or blazer and belt to add definition to your waist and hips. Layer a shirt under or over your jumpsuit.  

Try a flannel or denim shirt around the waist to break it up. 


To dress your jumpsuit up for the evening try adding a fun print or small, colourful cross-body bag. We suggest adding a boldly coloured shoe or belt to break up the waist.  



Beige on beige is BACK! Like the backstreet boys! It’s surprisingly simple to style earth tones. Just stick to a similar palette of neutral colours like beige, creme, and white.  


During the day we suggest blouses and t-shirts! A simple black tee (wear your favourite band tee!) and a beige pegged pant with grey or light, off-white blazer. Feel free to make it more comfortable… than it already is!  


To take your nudes out with you ( wink , wink ) we suggest an earth tone dress (black, grey, off-white, beige etc.) paired with earth toned pumps or flats, a darker or lighter still earth toned bag, and a nice overcoat! Remember the goal is monotony! If you aren’t a fan, no worries! Adjust accordingly to your preference!  


Speaking on recycled trends, colour blocking never went out of style either!  Our favourite types of colour blocking are analogous and complementary.  


colour blocking is the combination of colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel such as orange and red. 


colour blocking is the mixing of colours opposite to each  other on the colour wheel like yellow and purple. 


During the day try colour blocking with one primary colour, one secondary colour, and one tertiary colour! For example, red, yellow, orange for a spring/summer warm feel.  


Colour blocking at night is where all the fun lies! Block with complimentary colours! In this case, opposites really do attract. Pick one colour to dominate the outfit and use the complimentary colour to accessorize! Think a 3:1 ratio.  


Mixing prints is a fun and bold way to express your inner self via your clothing. Don’t be afraid to make a statement, it’s the whole point!  


Choose a dominant print and a print to use for accessories! For example striped shirt and snakeskin bag/shoes. Mix as many prints as you’re comfortable with! Don’t stress if you think you’re “doing it wrong” you most likely aren’t.  If this isn’t your cup of tea, try adding prints to solid colours and building up from there! 


For an eye catching evening look use the same pattern and invert the colours. Play with sizes and scales of prints, mix and match. For example, large dots and thin stripes or vice versa! Have fun with your outfits! Express yourself! 


Crazy hats, larger-than-life earrings, chunky rings, bold shoes, and colourful belts. Just a few fun and extra accessories.  


Since it’s spring, try to aim for bold coloured bracelets, necklaces, large earrings and rings. Have fun mixing and matching, but try to follow a similar palette, so you appear a bit more composed. 


At night, try layering your necklaces and/or big hoops. Wear a large chained necklace. Make a statement with your pieces. Use a miniature boldly coloured bag. Have fun, play around, stand-out (or don’t), but please have fun with fashion. 

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