Easter Activities for Kids

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Its April! Spring is in the air and Easter is right around the corner.  No doubt youll be throwing some chocolate eggs and bunnies into baskets for your kidlets, but if youre looking for a little something extra, check out my list of fun Easter activities to do with your kids.

The first activity on my list is a crafty one because what can I say. I love crafts. 

Easter Egg Decorating 

Now there are a couple of ways you can tackle this activity depending on your kids age groups.  Have a toddler? Try cutting out a large egg shape on construction paper and decorating with stickers. Have a kindergartner? Try painting round rocks in fun spring shades. School age child? Boil some eggs and let them try dip-dying the eggs with food colouring! In fact, Ive even seen a fun tutorial for dying eggs with whipped cream or shaving cream. Put on an apron and get messy. Any one of these activities can work for any age group. Personally, Im not cleaning up the disastrous mess of paints, food colouring, and shaving cream with my toddlers. Stickers it is.  

If crafts arent your thing, check out a few physical activities you can do: 

 Easter Egg Hunts 

This is pretty self explanatory. To put a fun and healthy spin on this classic, you can take a bag or two of coloured plastic eggs and instead of filling them with goodies, fill them with action cards. Once your kids have gathered all of the hidden eggs, everyone can take turns opening the eggs and discovering a fun action to do! Hop like a bunny; flap your arms like a bird; cluck around like a chicken. Or you know, take a nap.  

My kids love doing yoga, so Im going to put different yoga postures into the eggs and we will spend a sunny afternoon out in the backyard discovering eggs and working on poses!  

 When youre done with the egg hunt, there are a ton of things you can do with those plastic eggs:  

Egg Sorting  

Have your kids sort the eggs by colour, or even spend a little time and split the eggs in half and mismatch the bottom and top colour and have your kids put them together with the correct colours.   

Egg Races 

This one was a hit last year with my toddlers. Build a ramp” and have egg races down the ramps. Its pretty hilarious because the eggs are so wobbly, but it entertained my kids for quite a while. Place a basket at the bottom for the eggs to land in! See how many times your kids can land an egg in the basket. 

 Egg Balancing 

Either hard boiled eggs or plastic eggs will work for most of these activities; but make sure those hard boiled eggs are done or else youll end up with a mess. Set up an obstacle course, inside or outside if the weather is nice, and have your kids do an obstacle race with an egg on a spoon. Hard boiled eggs would work better since they are heavier as the plastic eggs fly off a wooden spoon pretty easily if theyre empty. But maybe that can be part of the challenge! 


If you tried all these activities and want something else to do, try some Easter baking. There are  lots of fun cupcake ideas and cookies and no-bake bars all themed towards Easter that are simple and easy to execute with little messy hands in the way.  

Baking can sound overwhelming with kids; so sometimes I cheat and use a muffin mix or box of cake mix, ice them and throw some mini-eggs on top. Skip the fancy elaborate time consuming cookie decorating and let your kids toss some sprinkles on a cupcake. They will be thrilled. 


Tons of activities and crafts can be played for days with a simple trip to dollar store. Kids are naturally creative and curious; let them pick out a few props and take them home and see what they come up with! 


Happy Easter! 

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