Easter Basket Gift Guide

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Easter is just around the corner! Where has 2019 gone? It’s going so fast! Do you need some ideas for your Easter gift baskets? I know I always struggle this time of year deciding what to get for my kids and my husband. So, here are some ideas for you!  

For Little Boys 

  • Matchbox cars – Seriously, who doesn’t love these or remember playing with them at some point in their childhood. You can hide them in the plastic eggs too.  
  • Lego – What little boy doesn’t love Lego! If they’re younger, you can go with some Duplo blocks instead. 
  • Chocolate –I don’t think an Easter basket is complete without chocolate. You can find some cool chocolates wrapped as sports balls (basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs etc) 
  • Supplies for a craft – Whether it’s an Easter craft or another craft, why not give them something fun to do!  
  • Glow stick bunny ears – I found some really cute bunny ears made out of glow sticks at Superstore this year. I’ve got a blue one and a green one to put in my nephew’s gift baskets.  
  • Sand toys – Digging in dirt, building sand castles… sounds right up a little boy’s alley.  

For Little Girls 

  • Hatchimals (you could get these for little boys too) – I was a bit skeptical about the whole Hatchimal phase, until my daughter got one for her birthday. They’re actually pretty fun and cute. You can get the little eggs to fill up a basket, or opt for one of the big ones as a feature for your basket. Easter to me is a time of spring and new birth, this makes Hatchimals a perfect gift!  
  • Hair accessories or play jewellery – My girls are starting to love putting things in their hair and wearing dress up jewellery when they play. You can put these in the little plastic eggs too.  
  • Nail polish – Kind of goes with the point above. Dressing up is so much fun!  
  • There are a whole bunch of little toys around these days; LOL Dolls, True wishes, even miniature my little ponies.  
  • Again, chocolate – Can’t really go wrong there. Anything princess themed will do!  
  • Hand made toy – Last year, I made both of my girls crochet octopuses for their Easter baskets. Again, I love putting little home-made special touches to my baskets.  

For Teen Boys 

  • Phone stand – There are so many different types available, just do a search on Amazon! Give them a great place to put their phones so they don’t loose them!!  
  • Rubiks cube – I don’t think these toy puzzle blocks will ever go out of style!  
  • Portable phone charger – It’s always good to have one on hand.  
  • Bluetooth speakers – Even better, get a waterproof one they can take to the beach or pool in the summer, or even into the shower to listen to their favourite music.  
  • Are they into a particular sport or working out at the gym? Get them some awesome things to use as they are staying active (think workout clothes, protein bars, Gatorade etc.) 
  • Candy – Find out their favourite candy or chocolate and stuff their baskets with these yummy treats! 

For Teen Girls 

  • Make up – I think the majority of teenage girls we know and love like to explore their uniqueness through make up! Why not give them some, and maybe even a gift certificate for a makeover to get an expert to show them how to do it!  
  • Chapstick or lip gloss – Kind of like makeup, but I know I never go anywhere with out my Chapstick or gloss!! 
  • Put together a spa basket with bubble baths, candles, face masks, fun nail files etc.  
  • Nail polish – Good for little girls and big girls! 
  • Flip Flops – A girl can never own too many! 
  • Earrings – A perfect gift to hide in those little plastic eggs.  
  • Phone case – Again, you can never have to many. Get them a case to match each outfit.  

For Him 

  • I always include favourite candy! My guy loves Recce’s Pieces. I don’t like Peanut Butter, so I don’t tend to buy them ever. But, I will for his Easter Basket! (Especially the little egg-shaped ones!)  
  • Sudoku puzzle book – Keep them busy and entertained for hours! 
  • Craft Beer – I love this idea! Try to get something made locally for that extra special touch.  
  • Homemade cookies – I love the special touch of something homemade. Whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to put in his gift basket.  
  • Hobbies – If your guy has a hobby (cars, woodworking, fishing, collecting memorabilia etc.) try to include something to do with his hobby in his basket this year.  
  • Anything else you know he’d love!  

For Her 

  • Is she a gardener, chef, crafty? Make a basket based on her favourite hobbies. Something she can do to escape for a little while.  
  • A bottle of wine or two!  
  • A little plant – Again, seeing Easter as a time of growth, plants are the perfect gift. I love giving little succulents (although I can’t keep them alive for the life of me!!) You can even cheat a little and give her a real looking fake one.  
  • A candle and some bath soaps – Think giving her a time to relax, especially if she’s a mother!  
  • Personalized coffee mug – I love the Rae Dunn designs, but really anything with a nice saying, or a quote that makes sense for her.  
  • Lindt chocolate eggs – These are my personal favourite, but for me, any chocolate will do. Again, figure out what their favourite is and get those.  
  • Handmade face scrubbies (you can get some great knit or crochet ones, make them yourself if you know how!) with some home-made exfoliant sugar scrub. This looks adorable all put together in a Mason Jar.  
  • Flowers – Flowers always make a gal feel good!  


Hope you all have a Happy Easter!  

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