How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

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I hope that by sending this out into the universe I have not somehow, once again, offended Mother Nature. The snow appears to be done and it really does seem as though spring is here and I, for one, cannot wait to be outside in the sun.  

Regardless of the temperature, it’s time to get outdoors and reconnect with our local Fraser Valley beauty – And what better way to do that than with a picnic? 

Our family loves to take a meal outside and enjoy each other’s company under the blue sky. So here are some tips on how to plan the perfect picnic. 

Find a Good Picnic Blanket 

This might be the biggest investment when trying to picnic right. Sure, towels and throw blankets from the downstairs couch will work. But with the ground still being slightly cold or damp, a thicker, waterproof blanket will go a long way to make your picnic more enjoyable and hopefully longer lasting.  

Many are available online or at local retailers. Look for something that is waterproof on the ground side, and cozy and fleecy on the sitting side. One that rolls up into its own carrying bundle is an added plus as you can keep it tucked in your trunk, ready for the next adventure.   

Keep the Menu Simple 

I am the first to admit that I am terrible at following my own advice. Mostly because food is delicious, so why not bring all of it? But more times than not, there’s too much leftover and now we need to get home so it can go back into the fridge. 

Bring things that are precut or are finger friendly. You could invest in a gorgeous picnic basket set, complete with cutlery and dishes, but napkins and Tupperware work just fine. Think local cheeses, meats, produce and bite-sized sweet treats. Your options are endless but remember to enjoy the process and don’t stress about making everything perfect. The kids will just appreciate being free from the table while they eat. 

Remember to Follow the Law 

I love a glass of wine as much as the next girl but be sure to adhere to our provincial liquor laws when enjoying your picnic. If you plan to share a bottle of wine or a few craft beers, it much be in a licensed area such as a campsite or your own property. So why not check out the gorgeous setting of a local winery or brewery with your picnic basket? You can purchase directly from their tasting room and many have picnic tables or lush green grass for you to lounge on. 

Snap a Few Pictures 

Picnic really are about spending quality time together. It’s the chance to step outside of our weekly busy schedules to reconnected with friends and loved ones. Some of my favourite memories from each year are meals share together with many laughs and fresh air. I cherish the photos I’ve taken as mementos of those moments. And hey, what great way to liven up your Instagram feed? 

There really is no one way to picnic so long as your taking some time for yourself to take a few deep breaths and enjoy the great outdoors. Happy picnicking friends! 

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