Eight Appetizers to Try for St. Patrick’s Day

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Erin go Bragh!

It’s that time of year again, so I hope you’re peeling those potatoes and making sure you have something green (or orange) to wear.  

I have a lot of personal feelings about St. Paddy’s Day and what is or isn’t acceptable when hosting a get-together around March 17th. If you came here for recipes that simply add green food colouring to everything and call it a day, you might be disappointed. And while I do hold a special place in my Irish heart for anything rainbow-inspired, green foods alone do not a St. Patrick’s party make. 

Irish food is soulful, delicious, and full of history – and usually a little liquor. So Irish up that coffee and enjoy some more traditional and colourful appetizers to try for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.  

Irish Pub Salad 

Light, refreshing and possibly healthy; who doesn’t love a good bit of salad on their potluck plate. Complete with hardboiled eggs, pickled vegetables and a tarragon dressing, this bright salad is good way to transport your guests to a small pub in Dublin in one bite. 

Guinness Cheddar Dip 

I did promise some libations, didn’t I? And what is more deliciously Irish than Guinness. It goes perfectly with everything and you can pair it with cheese, and chocolate, and beef, and bread – is there anything Guinness doesn’t go with? Doubtful. But be sure to give this warm and gooey dip a try. 

Cheesy Reuben Bites 

Another great staple in Irish food is cabbage. I love a good Rueben and these dainty bite with corned beef and your choice of sturdy cheese bearing cracker are the perfect elegant appy for your St. Paddy’s Day spread.  

Guacamole Cups 

I know I said that colouring things that have no business being green *cough* I’m looking at you green beer* with green food colouring is a no-go in my home. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use and enjoy things that are already green! Enter the beloved avocado.  

Irish Nachos 

Potato Nachos are where it’s at. Pachos at Kelly O’Bryan’s anyone? All of the crave-worthy toppings you expect from traditional nachos, but on crispy potatoes instead of tortilla chips. Pair them with a tangy sour cream dip and you’re good to go. 

Beef and Guinness Hand Pies 

No meal would be complete without some savoury beef stew. With a broth flavoured with Guinness and mixed with hearty vegetables, these hand pies are portable and heartwarming.  

Vegan Irish Stew 

And if some of your guests don’t eat meat, you can still satisfy their need for something rich and filling with this stew. It still features hearty vegetables, potatoes and you could definitely add some vegan stout to the broth, but instead of beef, mushrooms are the star of the dish.  

Irish Cream Truffles 

All parties need something sweet to treat your guests, and chocolate is a safe bet. Guinness isn’t the only Irish drink of choice – there’s also Bailey’s to play with. The mixture of Irish cream and chocolate is classic, and these truffles are easy to prepare. 

So even if you’re only Irish on March 17th, there are plenty of ways to celebrate those beautiful green isles. Enjoy a day of merriment and I’ll be sure to drink to your health. Sláinte! 

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