Best Instagram Backdrops in Langley

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Even though it feels like we’re in a never-ending argument that we just can’t win with winter, spring is just around the corner. And with spring comes fields of tulips, sundresses and plenty of perfect ways to get your ‘gram on.  

But even without the sun and flowers, Langley has so many beautiful places to visit that make extraordinary backdrops for your next selfie or photoshoot. Here are some of the best Instagram backdrops you can find in Langley. 

Fort Langley 

From the Fraser River to the boutique shopping, from the trails to the actual Fort itself, Fort Langley has countless places for you to stop and take a few snaps. Wander around Brae Island or check out the local restaurants; there is no wrong way to have a picturesque day in Fort Langley. 

Campbell Valley Park 

A popular spot for lifestyle and wedding professionals, Campbell Valley Park is perfect for even the less experienced photo enthusiasts. With some snow still on the ground this time of year, the trails and trees are ready to help you make your Instagram feed double-clickable. If you’re lucky, there may even be a horse or two for you to catch in the background. 

Local Wineries 

The epicurean in all of us can’t help but stop and take a few pictures in front of a field of grapevines. Our local Langley wineries are all perfectly set up for you to pose and pout until you get the perfect shot. A glass of wine in hand never hurts either.  

Downtown Langley 

A day on the one-way along Fraser Hwy is an excellent way to get some solid content done. With unique and individual shops, quaint and authentic restaurants and a blossoming arts initiative, there are many places for you to explore and express your personal brand. There are endless murals commissioned by local businesses and done by local artists that you can’t go wrong when featuring Fraser Valley style.  


And while these are just a few places to visit while working on your social media, Langley is home to so many amazing parks, businesses, works of art and natural beauty that you will never be at a loss when it comes to finding stunning scenes to stand in front of on Instagram. 


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