Top Insta Backgrounds in Abbotsford

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Who doesn’t love Instagram? It seems like everyone is trying to snap the best picture to share to Instagram these days. Going out for lunch? Post on Insta. Going for a walk? Grab a pic to put on Insta. Having a day out with the family? Get a group shot for Insta. You see how it goes.  

Our city in the country, Abbotsford, is a beautiful town with so many neat, interesting and perfect places to snap a selfie or group photo for your Instagram. Even just the scenery is enough to take your breath away around here sometimes! Who needs to post a picture of themselves again when you can post a phenomenal shot of Mt. Baker? 

Here are some of the top hot spots in town to take the best Insta pics at! 

#Mill Lake 

Mill Lake park offers some gorgeous views of Mt Baker. Get a group of friends in there and take some beautiful shots! There are also 3 really fun parks you can take pictures at (one has a train and one has a pirate ship). The board walk on the east side of the park makes for some excellent pics as well. While you’re there, try and get some pictures of the many animals that call Mill lake home. There are ducks, geese, turtles and even two bald Eagles.  


#Clayburn Village 

This quaint little historic community at the base of Sumas Mountain is so adorable! They have the cutest little candy shop/tea room there. You can go for a quick bite to eat, high tea or pick out your favourite sweets all while snapping some fantastic photos! Just down the street is an adorable little church, built in 1912! Or you can head on over to the school house, built in 1907! Again, ideal places to grab some great pictures!  

#Downtown Abbotsford 

Whether it’s Duft & Co, Ivana Teahouse, one of the funky designed benches or any of the trendy shops, there are so many places in downtown Abbotsford to snap a great photo. There’s plenty of unique shops and restaurants around to entertain you for a whole day while you get your best shot! You could seriously spend an entire day there just wandering around and taking pictures!  

#Apple Picking/Pumpkin Patch 

We’ve got Maan Farms, The Apple Barn, and Willow View Farms just to name a few. You can get some amazing shots while picking delicious apples in the orchards. Also check out the colourful pumpkin displays in the fall to get you into the autumn mood. Pumpkins are a great back drop for amazing photo shoots! The colours are to die for.  

#Bloom Tulip Festival 

Without a doubt, the most popular place to take the best Insta photo’s is at the Bloom Tulip Festival. The festival runs every year in East Abbotsford (on North Parallel Rd) from early April until mid May. The tulips are all so beautiful. You can snap some absolutely stunning pictures with all the different colours. I’ve seen great family pictures, selfies and even pet pictures taken there!  

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