Best Insta-Photo Backdrops in Chilliwack

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It’s winter in BC. We rarely ever get winter, but I mean this week, its really winter. That means hibernation and spending a little too much time in front of our screens. Scrolling around Instagram and seeing some beautiful photos? And all you’ve got are some selfies in front of the fireplace?  

Lucky for you, I’ve put together a group of the best insta-backdrops out here in Chilliwack. Not surprisingly, they are all outdoors. Have you looked at that mountain-scape? And those lakes, though. Sure, Chilliwack is really stepping up its game with cute local indoor spaces, but to be honest, the most beautiful places are all around us – outside. So bundle up, baby.  

 Cultus Lake 

My number one spot for Insta-worthy backgrounds has got to be Cultus Lake. I’m a little biased, since residing in this little lake neighbourhood, I get to see the picturesque lake front every day when I drive in and out but I can never not stop to snap an Insta pic. I’m fairly certain 90% of my followers are getting fairly tired of seeing the same boat-launch dock picture but hey. To me, it never gets old.  

There are lots of ways to use the lake as a backdrop for your Insta pics: drive down to Jade Bay to check out the boat launch or stay closer to town at Main Beach. You’ll never be disappointed with a trek into Cultus Lake for photos.   

If Cultus Lake is a little too busy for your liking, Chilliwack has so many other lakes to check out. Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park is quiet & pristine, and the blue-green waters of Lindeman Lake are worth the hike. Check them all out, do a series of photos and you’ll get some serious Insta-envy going on. 

 Cheam Peak

Although I’ve never personally hiked it myself – is a breathtaking lookout that results in gorgeous photos. If you’ve never hiked it (like me), you can search the hashtag and see for yourself from the comfort of your own home. Your own warm, cozy, safe home. I follow a ton of local photographers and the pictures are all amazing. Almost amazing enough to get me off my butt next summer to hike up to the peak to snap some pix myself. I’m really not one for hiking in the snow, but if you can handle it, I’m sure it’s worth the effort! 

 Fraser River 

Hiking and travelling just for insta-pics seems a little crazy, but another option for some gorgeous photos would be along the Fraser River. The backdrop of the mountains, the river rushing by, trees and the rocks make a perfect spot for photos. Personally, I like to hit Gill Road for a little bit of off-road action. Pack the kids some snacks and mittens, load up the dirtbikes and the side-by-side and spend the day by a fire having some fun at the river. A day well spent always makes for some epic photo-ops.  

 Downtown Chilliwack

If nature really ain’t your thing, why are you even living in British Columbia? Just kidding. If you aren’t into getting your hands dirty, you can head downtown Chilliwack for some great Insta-worthy photos. The historical buildings of downtown are just beautiful, plus we’ve got some pretty amazing mural art around town.  

 It’s pretty crazy how even in the dead of winter, the most beautiful places are outdoors. We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful city, and be able to be outside all year ‘round! Okay except maybe this week. It’s too cold to explore in -10. Maybe wait a few weeks. In the meantime, take some selfies.  

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