Best Brunch Spots In The Fraser Valley

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Everyone likes a good brunch. Why? It’s the best excuse to eat breakfast for lunch or even mix between the two! 

Here’s our compilation of best brunch spots in the Fraser Valley!

1. The Yellow Deli – Chilliwack, BC

The Yellow Deli has a special place in Chilliwack’s heart, just ask anyone who lives there. They serve their breakfast all day, but specialize in fresh, locally sourced sandwiches (ranging from $8-$15). The restaurant itself has a cozy and warm tone to it, wooden interior and a newly added outdoor patio! The staff are some of the friendliest people you will meet, and the sandwiches – MUAH! To die for! They are open Sunday at noon until Friday 3pm, every week, without fail.

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Photo Credit: The Habit Project

2. The Habit Project – Abbotsford,BC

“Support local!” The first words to come to mind when thinking about The Habit Project.

Chocked full of fresh produce for creating HEALTHY and yummy smoothie bowls, cold-pressed juices (made daily to make it even better), nut milks, and a scrumptious breakfast menu. The Habit Project  is modern and chic with its interior and full of light, it completely encompasses the feel of “clean, healthy, eating.”

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3. The Corner Nook Cafe – Chilliwack, BC

Located on Young St. chilliwack, bc. This tiny, literal corner nook cafe, is a hidden gem.

It seats 28, but well worth the wait. Here, you can find their specialty burger that features a ring of melted cheese, like Saturn’s rings – made of cheese! This little diner is full of home style foods and includes vegetarian options (or can be made vegetarian, don’t be afraid to ask!).

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4. Moral Gluttony – Langley, BC

BRUNCH! Moral gluttony takes pride in their fantastic home style cooking, vegetarian options, and reduction in their environmental footprint! They serve you with the locally fresh produce and products, even growing their own herbs! They are a fusion French-Canadian cafe style restaurant. You can grab your brunch between the hours of 9am and 4pm! The waitstaff is superb and friendly and the portions are exceptional!

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5.Cookies Grill – Chilliwack, BC

Cookies grill is one of Chiliwack’s most renowned brunch spots! Offering large portions, mouth-watering breakfasts and lunches, and friendly staff! This home style restaurant has vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options! Luckily, it is wheelchair accessible and well worth the wait (if you happen to find yourself waiting)! Catch yourself here between 5:30am – 4pm.

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