Belly Bags: The Perfect Gift for Preggos

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I might be gift box obsessed.

Is there any occasion that isn’t suitable to give a cute, perfectly arranged gift box of goodies? I really don’t think so. The options are absolutely endless, and I just adore a beautifully curated gift basket put together by a local company… with products from local companies!

Well,I’ve found a local company that doesn’t just do “gift baskets”. They do a very special, very specific type of gift basket.

Belly Bags, right here in the Fraser Valley, curates these special gifts for expecting mums – saving the hassle of purchasing and packing necessities for the hospital bag, and also making a super cute baby shower gift!

When I was pregnant with my first, I really thought a hospital bag was one of those things I could do without. “Doesn’t the hospital provide everything you need?” I thought to myself, naively. It turns out; I was incredibly unprepared when I went into labor, and in turn, incredibly uncomfortable!

So when I was 37+ weeks with my second, I already had my hospital bag packed. Actually, it had been packed and loaded in the back of my truck for weeks; along with a hospital bag for the new baby, an overnight bag for my toddler, and a few small items for dad.

I really wish I had heard about Belly Bags before packing though! There are so many little items I wanted to have for my comfort… but what a pain it is to drag a toddler all around different stores and pharmacies to try and collect these little things to pack up! My second pregnancy had got me gigantic and sweaty and exhausted even before I stepped out the front door. Dressing and packing up the toddler is hard enough, let alone reaching my own feet to put on my boots.

Extra toothbrush, hairbrush, pads, hand lotion, deodorant… I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t have “extras” of these items lying around at any given time, which means I had to do a trip solely for these items just to pack up. Oh, and not even one sweaty exhausting trip… every time I came home thinking I had everything, I would think of something else I would need!

And what about a cute newborn hat for the adorable first photos in the hospital?! I didn’t even know where to start with this one. It took me a long time and several different shops to decide on an adorable newborn outfit for my sweet little one to come home in.

Then I discovered Belly Bags.

And okay, I discovered Amy and her Belly Bags on Instagram, a little too late. My loss. But luckily, I have quite a few pregnant friends these days that will be super happy to have all this work taken off their shoulders when I gift them these amazing packages!

Belly Bags creates these adorable gift baskets and bags for mums-to-be; filled with USEFUL products and supporting a lot of local businesses at the same time!

A few of my favorite local items that Belly Bags boasts are:

Bebe de Luxe (which has recently rebranded to So Luxury) and their signature Coconut & Oat Milk Bath that I use religiously for my little babe and gift religiously to all my mum-to-be friends! Belly Bags graciously includes a sample pack of this glorious bath powder in their baskets and I love it.

K’Pure Naturals has whole line of amazing, natural body care products, and Belly Bags stocks one of their best items: the SMOOCH moisturizing lip balm. This is definitely a must have item in the hospital bag. Dry cracked lips and hands in the hospital drive me bonkers! The air and the soap are so drying! Your body will thank you for this one!

Plum Polka Dot hair ties, which are super cute, locally made, and super handy to have in the hospital! There’s nothing worse than being in massive amounts of pain, drenched in sweat, and have to deal with hair in your face.

Belly Bags offers four different sizes of gift baskets and each one is a practical and lovely gift for the first time mama who (probably) has no idea what she’s in for. Make her life easy and check out Belly Bags on Facebook or Instagram while they work on their website! Trust me; this essential pack of goodies is something every new mum will want to pack in their hospital bag!


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