Three Little Wisdom’s Spring Gifts Us

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We often overlook the wisdom of nature. Its’ ability to move forward and thrive without rules, specific instruction or supervision. Just how does an acorn instinctively know how to become a massive oak tree and a bluebird articulately build a nest. Nature is riddle with intelligence and yet, in our daily lives, the frequency of our inquisition about the wisdom of nature is quite limited. If we took the time to reflect upon the inherit wisdom of the seasons alone we might be obliged to feel more relaxed, calm, and ‘zenful’ even.

Spring, the second most beloved season (okay, well, my second most beloved season,  next to autumn, of course) is no exception. In the spirit of its impending arrival I’d like to reflect on the little wisdom presented to us by the season of warm renewal. Not only is Spring the only time where I can truly get behind the idea of rain boots, but it is littered with promise of fast approaching summer cookouts and a sun that just doesn’t ever seem to set. Like most things in life there is a transition, a warm up period to ease into it. The transition is surely not without its’ own beauty and purpose. The wisdom of Spring can teach us 3 things: Lighten Up, Reawaken, and Get Colorful.

Lighten Up
No, really. Lighten up. Just as daylight savings had us do. And now that our days are getting brighter and lighter, so must we. Perhaps the last four months of straight rain (okay, I’m being dramatic) presented you with your own set of challenges, and it is
crucial that you allow for letting any residual red wine stained disappointments go.

Holding onto expired obstacles, disagreements or pants that no longer fit is criminal, and to be completely honest, is only hurting your ability to fully enjoy this shift into sunshine and tulip flower arrangements. Just as the winter must let go of the dark clouds and bitter windy chill, we must be equally able to shift out of the past and embrace what is right now. Spring is truly an ideal moment to metaphorically lighten up, simplify and weave humor back into our experience.

So there are parts of yourself that you have ignored, abandoned perhaps. A passion that you’ve denied while you planned and hosted a holiday family gathering (or five!), tried to survive the winter by engaging in the bare minimum just to keep the household functioning, or binged watched Netflix while eating beet chips. Spring brings new possibilities and inspiration bubbling back to the surface. All the perennials that have been hiding just below the frigid soil are prepared to burst forth and reach toward the sun.

Spring is a time for the reawakening of not only nature’s pulse, but it is also a time for our reawakening. Something about the warm rays and buzz of communities seemingly moving out of their sleepy winter haze can be extremely motivating, and not to mention, exciting! Think of spring as a perfect opportunity to breathe life into old projects (or alternatively, kill the ones which are no longer serving you), begin new unfamiliar escapades and allocate some much needed time toward any personal goals.

Get Colorful
Now this is related to the above point, but not exactly. Nature uses spring to enlighten us. If you’ve visited the tulip festival in Abbotsford in the spring, you know exactly what I mean. People love color, and why wouldn’t we? It is like dessert for our eyes. It stimulates our senses in the most intense way.

Spring is the most ideal time to break out of your contented fashion box. Go for bold color! Just as a garden romances us with its plethora of shades of gorgeous, we should be equally committed to creating a kaleidoscope of color in our lives. I know ‘black is your color and it makes your eyes pop’, but I encourage you to expand your wardrobe color choices in order to reflect your open mind state. The power of vivid color in positively altering our mood is often overlooked. Also, I recommend incorporating more color into your personal living space.

I have a feeling our work-spaces, bedrooms and even our cars could use an additional dash of vibrancy.

I encourage everyone to use a spring as a muse for waking from a long (rainy) slumber. Pulling from the beautiful inspirations of spring will undoubtedly allow for some new insights, which can help us get the most out of the long-awaited shift to warmer weather. Now get out and get blooming!

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