Infinite Serenity Holistic Spa

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“Healing the mind, body and soul from Mother Earth through to the Heavens”

On those days when you wish the world would stop turning so you could get off, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to regroup, redirect, ground yourself and get back to your life feeling lighter?  That’s a lot to ask, but Stephany Brown hopes to accomplish exactly that with her recently opened Infinite Serenity Holistic Spa.

I attended the Open House last weekend and I was invited to experience the varied spaces meant to help you connect your mind, body and soul.

“At Infinite Serenity, it’s important for us to offer a sacred space… In today’s world, we are so focused on being the best we are capable of…we drain ourselves quickly through negative attachments, beliefs and habits.”


The space is indeed calming. The front room combines retail space for items such as meditation cushions, yoga blocks, crystals and salts, as well as essential oils. There is a reading corner where you can consult books by local authors on mind, body and spirit wellness. The area is highlighted by a beautiful live wall which only enhances one’s sense of relaxation and grounding.

Beyond the retail space, the Spa provides themed treatment and gathering rooms – Earth, Water and Sun were my impression as I moved from the quiet room reminiscent of a Balinese temple, to the sunny yellow room and finally to the aqua room. Further back, we came to the gathering room, flanked by its Indian inspired archway where water and tea are readily available. This room is ideal for workshops and small group yoga. Finally, I saw the Infrared Sauna room where Stephany suggested I might come, listen to music and meditate while the warmth of the infrared lights soothes my sore joints.

I followed up on that invitation and brought my husband along for a 20 minutes session in the Infrared Saunas. I would compare it to sitting in the sun, doing nothing but letting my mind wander, having a sip of water once in a while.  The benefits of Infrared are known to be decreased inflammation, reduction of joint and tissue pain, helping those who have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and generally promoting relaxation.

Unlike a beauty spa, Infinite Serenity is meant as a place for local wellness practitioners to offer their treatments for mind and body balance whether it be Theta Healing, Chakra Balancing or Reiki or more traditional spa treatments such as Aromatherapy Facials or Essential Oil Massage. Stephany, a Reiki Master herself, means to address the needs of the whole person so they can leave feeling grounded and healed and most importantly, take that feeling back into their own routine.

*Upcoming events include hosting speakers/practitioners such as Shelina Manji (healer, shaman, reiki master) and author, speaker and dynamic presenter Dell Reside who will be teaching participants how they can realign their own chakras. And watch for March Break “mommy and me” classes to create bracelets or necklaces which promote your sense of well-being. More events are being added daily on their Facebook page.

Infinite Serenity Holistic Spa is open Tuesday to Sunday. They are located at 190-20780 Willoughby Town Centre Drive in Langley. Treatments and events are by appointment. You are welcome you to drop in anytime to experience their soothing reading corner and retail space.

Facebook – Infinite Serenity
Instagram – @infiniteserenityholisticspa

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