3 Things To Do in Chilliwack When the Weather Sucks

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It’s almost the end of January, but nowhere near the end of winter. With the Christmas fun and activities behind us, many of us are feeling trapped indoors and BORED while the stormy weather blusters outside.

Here are three things you can do around town when the weather is nasty.

1. Get Your Fitness On!

Come on, I’m sure you made some type of fitness/health resolution for the New Year. And if you didn’t want to “make a resolution, but actually change your lifestyle” well, this also applies to you.  Not interested in joining the gym? I don’t blame you.
Instead, why don’t you check out 9Round Fitness? Recently opened in Sardis, this kickboxing fitness circuit will kick your butt in only 30 minutes. That sounds perfect; get fit quick! I don’t have time to spend hours at the gym (not to mention NO idea what I’m doing)… and 9Round has trainers that help guide you through workouts.

Or if circuits aren’t your thing, head downtown and check out The Spin Room. Indoor cycling to music to get your groove on kicks your butt and makes you sweat like nothing else. This sh*t is HARD. Be prepared.
2. Get a Little CREATIVE

Let your inner VAN GOGH loose… or, something.

Chilliwack has a sweet little studio where you can paint your own ceramics! FUN!  PRISM Studio offers events like Ladies Night and Mom & Me classes, or you can pop in and paint up a little something when you need to get your creative juices flowing.

This can be a family activity, which can help take care of those rainy Saturdays when the kids are sick of TV and you’re sick of the whining. If painting isn’t your thing, check out Black Cat Yarn. They custom dye their yarn in the shop so there are so many cool color combinations to check out. Pick up some knitting needles or a crochet hook and try your hand at knitting or  crocheting a cute toque or mittens. Oh, and a little PSA – they have Sailor Moon themed yarn. YES please!

3. Get Outside & Explore

Right, I get it, it’s cold, wet, and icky outside. BUT GUYS… We live in Canada. In the PNW (you know, Pacific North West). WE LIVE IN BC! It’s always raining. If you wait until the sun shines to explore your neighborhood, you’ll always be waiting.

Alternatively… check out Mt. Waddington’s on Vedder. Get loaded up with some rain gear or even some snow shoes. Heck, they even offer snowshoe tours. SIGN UP. Get outside. Feel the rain (or snow?) on your face! Take a hike. Explore somewhere new.
Nothing makes you feel more alive than being out in the elements and enjoying nature. Quit making excuses! There is no such thing as bad weather… only bad clothing!

So until the rain and snow stops and the sun is shining again (like, sometime in July if we’re lucky), try something new. Explore somewhere outside. Get your body moving, or your mind moving. Don’t let the bad weather take over! Gloomy days
every day are definitely discouraging, but Chilliwack is a beautiful, fun city. Take advantage of it.

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