(White) Rocking in South Surrey: Jenny Bray of South Rock Buzz

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I first stumbled across South Rock Buzz when I contemplating a move to South Surrey/ White Rock. Owned by Jenny Bray, its Instagram is full of family friendly events that helped to convince me that it was a great community to move to.

South Rock Buzz is an online community designed to connect and inform residents about all of the great things this community has to offer from highlighting local businesses, events, and other hidden gems throughout South Surrey and White Rock.

Jenny says “I was born in White Rock at Peace Arch Hospital, so I am a legit OG White Rock local. My parents moved here in the 70’s along with a huge wave of Brits. They originally moved to Vancouver from Liverpool, but after visiting White Rock they couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and how affordable houses were – which to hear now is quite laughable like why they
didn’t buy an entire block back then, I don’t know…. “

One of the things Jenny loves about this area are the beaches. “Within 10 minutes we have access to two beautiful beaches with totally different beach vibes. Crescent Beach provides the calmer, chiller atmosphere or there’s White Rock with the restaurants and generally more of an active vibe. I love both beaches on different days and think we’re so lucky that we have access to the best of both worlds within such a short distance.”

November is Jenny’s one year anniversary of launching South Rock Buzz on Instagram, but she has been in digital marketing for over 12 years. When she graduated from BCIT, she worked for a boutique ad agency in Yaletown . When they lived in Vancouver, they relied on various social media channels to learn about events and businesses. When they moved their family back to White Rock, South Rock Buzz began because Jenny missed that online community connection.

“There was no place to go to find out what was happening that weekend and too often I would see pictures of an event that had happened – one I would have loved to take the family to but had no idea about it. I want to consume my media quickly online, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.”

Jenny feels this is a defining time for South Surrey / White Rock, with so much growth from young families who want to be here, establish their roots and take advantage of all the great things in this community. She’s excited by new ideas, new businesses and an entirely new energy. She hopes South Rock Buzz can create pride of place for locals and attract tourists and
new investors. Jenny says, “I love creating these community connections and helping people discover new things”.
Image result for south rock buzzThe only negative feedback Jenny’s encountered was from ‘a White Rock purist’. “She was older and despised the name South Rock. I thought a lot about what she said and recognize that this is one of the challenges within this community. The older generation tends to have a hard time accepting the change coming to South Surrey / White Rock and rather than embrace it, they generate a lot of negativity trying to fight it. Many purists still see a line down 16th making one side of the block “better” than the other. The reality is the name was born out of convenience but it also captures the new energy in our community”.

Jenny says her biggest challenge is hands down time – “I wish I had more of it!” Having two little boys and contracts to manage makes it quite challenging!

People follow South Rock Buzz for its information and content. There’s always something happening here or somewhere new to discover so there’s always a good reason to come back.

Jenny has a big change coming in January – a new look, new website and a new partnership. She’s aligning herself with a new

 initiative called Experience BC, which is essentially creating South Rock Buzz style networks throughout communities across the province. “I’m working with the team leading the social media strategy for the brand and will continue to own South
Rock Buzz, but will have a team to help produce more content and more partnerships!” Stay tuned.

Connect with South Rock Buzz:
Facebook: @southrockbuzz
Instagram: @southrockbuzz
‘South Rock Moms’ Facebook Group
‘South Rock Women in Business’ Facebook Group

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