Farmhouse Goodness in White Rock: The Mason Jar

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I first discovered The Mason Jar with my son, as I had been admiring their social media for months. He ran around saying “Everything is SO bee-you- ti-ful, mommy!” We have been back a few times and love how rustic and bright it is, as well as the local brands and rotating rustic décor. Every corner of this place is literally designed for Instagram. Check it out and you’ll agree. I’d love to hire Cathy to completely design my apartment.

And my wardrobe. Much to my delight (and my husband’s dismay), I jumped at the chance of getting a Smash + Tess romper from The Mason Jar. I think I can pull it off, no? Owner Cathy Frith, who told me that the décor in the shop is an extension of her style at home, moved to White Rock in September 2011. “We love the community, being close to the beach and the easy access both into Vancouver and the United States. I have a sister who lives in Seattle, so it’s easy to visit her”.

The Mason Jar is still a new business; it’s been open for 6 months, opening its doors on the 25th of April. Cathy says, “I like to think that I provide the community with beautiful quality products that are 80% locally sourced.” Brand include: Smash + Tess, Brunette The Label, Vancouver Candle Company, Shop State of Grace, Urban Walls, Macs The Label, K Pure Naturals, Sage and Sky, Three Corners Artisan and many more.

They also offer home styling and design services.

“The Mason Jar is a life time dream combining both my love of fashion and home interior styling. The name of the store was inspired after my 5 year old grandson, Mason. I’d like to think that the boutique is one of a few small, independent businesses in the community that is hopefully filling a void for what has been missing in the area.”

The shop is very unique and they are offering the community products that are not available anywhere else. Even though it’s still very new, The Mason Jar has donated to three local organizations to support community resources such as Avalon Women’s Centre, White Rock Hospice and Rotary. Cathy says, “We will continue to support local charities in the community as we continue to grow.”

Cathy says her favourite thing about the boutique is feeling a part of the community and building relationships with the customers.

She says, “I think that our customers come to the store for the experience. I think that they appreciate the uniqueness of the product and that we work hard at supporting and showcasing local talent. I think that they come back knowing that the quality of goods and the service that they receive is of the highest caliber.”

The Mason Jar regularly hosts events: Paint Nights, Macrame workshops, Christmas wreath workshops, Guided Meditation etc. November 22: Shop, Sip & Savor Customer Appreciation Event

Read more about The Mason Jar in the cover story for the upcoming holiday gift edition of “I Like Her Style Vancouver” Magazine.

Stay updated on The Mason Jar’s new arrivals and events on their Facebook: @themasonjarhomedecorandgiftshop and Instagram: @themasonjarhomedecor

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