Beauty Essentials for Your Winter Getaway

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Lush Lashes

Who doesn’t like lush, thick lashes? Well I certainly do! Especially when I am going to be at a warm, beach-like destination.  I don’t want to fuss with mascara that always seems to run or has to be chiseled off. I don’t need to be rubbing my makeup off that vigorously!

I considered lash extensions after having a close-up view with my dental technician.  What else do you do but look at the person’s eyes while you are having your teeth worked on?  Her lashes were glorious! Long, lush and curly.

I mentioned my idea to have my own lashes done to my girlfriend who counselled against it.  She knows how often I rub my eyes and had her own bad experience with lash extensions.  On a cruise, the wind kept whipping into her eyes, making her lashes very uncomfortable. It took everything for her not to rub or scratch at them.

Onto Plan B – Lash Tinting and Lifting

I inquired at my local salon and spa, Milica, and found they could colour and lift my lashes for under $100 and about 90 minutes of my time.  The tint is meant to last about 4-6 weeks.  It sounded perfect to me!!  This would get me through my one week getaway without the need to wear mascara.

Lashes: Before

Step 1 – The Lash Tint

My aestheticism, Shelley, told me to lay back and enjoy while she put some Vaseline type ointment around the lash line to prevent the colour bleeding onto the skin.  She then put some pads under my lower lids and proceeded to tint the lashes with a vegetable dye, similar to henna.  The colour used is always the same, blue black.  

After about 10 minutes, she rinsed each eye carefully with cool water.  I was a bit afraid of a skin reaction as I am prone to such things, but all went well.  

Onto to Step 2 – The Lash Lift

Shelley described this to me as she worked. She put collagen pads under my eyes, then some sort of tape on the upper lid so she could push the lashes onto it, as if she was gluing them to the tape. She then applied the solution, which smelled very much like a perm.  If you’ve lived through the 80’s, you know exactly what I am talking about!

This procedure lasted a bit longer, so I was given a very relaxing hand massage while I waited for the solution to be rinsed off.

When the lifting was done, we decided the lash tint was not quite dark enough, so Shelley did a second round of tinting.

You can see for yourself the dramatic results!  My lashes are not as full as if I were wearing mascara, but I am so much more comfortable walking around without make-up with my darker lashes.

Lashes: After

PS – 3 weeks later, I finally decided to wear some mascara.  Holy Wow! My lashes looked curled and defined with just a small amount.  I think that is a terrific side bonus. Gonna do this again before a longer trip I have planned in January.

Glowing Skin

The cold months have a way of dulling our skin, between lack of sunlight, dry indoor conditions and perhaps some overindulgence during the festive season.  This trip, I decided to plan way ahead and get my skin ready.  Besides, I was determined to wear a bikini this year and I wanted to look as polished as I could.

Prep is all important!

  • A few weeks before the trip, use a loofah or dry brush to help exfoliate all but your face.  I would use a gentler product on my face like a scrub.  
  • Hydrate – after showering, make sure that moisture stays in your skin by applying generous quantities of your favourite moisturizer.  

Other ways of hydrating are making sure you are drinking plenty of water (not tea or coffee which will act as diuretics).  And while you are at it, cut down on the alcohol consumption which can dehydrate you further. You know that only shows up on your face when you least want it to.

A good bronzing cream will help you enhance your glowing skin before and during your holiday.  I found this wonderful product made by AGAPE Natural Skincare – all natural, plant based ingredients, free of chemicals, parabens and sulfates! The Chocolate Mousse Bronze and Glow Cream goes on light, leaving a warm sheen that smells amazing!  So delicious I could eat it! I love that is contains ingredients I trust like Olive and Coconut Oils!

I found this product at a wonderful Langley store called “The Local Space”.  If you haven’t checked this venue out, it’s a must as we approach the holiday season.  Filled with only locally-made merchandise, The Local Space offers goods such as clothing and accessories, home decor and health and beauty items.

Enjoy prepping for and dreaming about your Winter Getaway!  It will be here before you know it!

AGAPE picture graciously shared with me for use in this article.  Visit their Instagram feed at @agapeskincare.


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