Fraser Valley Feature: Photographer Cait Kennedy

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“Competition makes us faster; Collaboration makes us better!” – Anonymous

In a community such as the Fraser Valley, there are going to be clicks and groupings that not everyone fits into. But with that being said, the community in the Valley is so vast and continues to grow each and everyday. Because of this wonderful community and “tribe” being built I have been fortunate to meet some amazing individuals; and Cait Kennedy is definitely one of them!

If you haven’t heard of this woman yet or have yet to have her take your photos you’re truly missing out. Cait is a lifestyle and wedding Photographer based out of Langley. A lover of yoga, golden hour, travelling, taking the path less traveled and those in-between moments.

When you look at her images on social media you’ll notice the dark moody, and earthy tones. She is able to capture such raw real moments while staying true to herself and her form. I don’t know about you, but when I get in-front of the camera I want to know the person on the other side of the lens is my safety net for the next few moments. Cait knows her angles and directs her clients in a way  that makes them feel comfortable.

Take a look at some of her shots below and get to know more about this amazing photographer:

Sam: What made you want to get into photography?

Cait:  I have always loved photography… not in a million years would it be something I thought I’d pursue as a job. No shame, but it honestly started with my first iPhone; snapping landscapes, myself (I’m not narcissistic I promise), friends and family. I grew up with the pushed mentality of you get a good job and make good money, and that pursuing your passions wouldn’t pay the bills. After a few unfortunate events – such is life, I decided to do something that made me happy… and creating art through a lens is exactly what I needed!

I also just recently attended ARC in Vancouver which was an unreal 3 day photography workshop/conference with a lineup of insanely talented photographers. The experience gave me a whole new outlook on not only photography, but life. I’m excited to take the tools I learned and apply it into growing my business.

Sam: You have a dark and moody (earthy) tone in your images… I notice some photographers are bright & light etc… what made you choose this style?

Cait: Finding my style was tough at first. I never connected to the art of bright and light, although I love seeing others with this style. Growing up in British Columbia, naturally being in the woods or at the beach I am inspired by the earthy terrain and creating my client’s story through movement, connection and love.

Sam: As a writer/blogger, I know the importance of being unique and having your own presence… with that being said, what makes you stand out as a photographer?

Cait:  I really try to make my clients comfortable, no pressure at our sessions. I want to capture your real moments, the good or the bad, they’re moments we’ll always remember. I love the in-between moments as I feel there is so much emotion captured. Sometimes I make clients say some weird things to their partner or pretend to be slightly intoxicated walking home at the end of the night. Taking that pressure of posed portraits away really makes each session fun and brings out those genuine and raw smiles we all love.

Sam: If you could style and create your own shoot from people involved, to the look, etc. who would you want to shoot and why?

Cait: Oh sooo many creative shoot ideas but if I had to choose ultimate dream shoot… it would be an elopement on a secluded mountain top in the middle of nowhere (only accessible by helicopters), a little wind for all that movement, barefoot, simple flowy dress with a train for days, beautiful bouquet, groom dressed nicely but no suit and tie, arm tattoos and nothing but a whole lot of love, oh and a prism. I love prism images.

Sam: What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Cait: When the going gets tough, keep going, it will get better.

Sam: You’re stranded on an island – what three things do you have with you?

Cait: Yoga mat, all the dogs and of course a camera. If you’re interested in learning more about Cait take a look at her website and portfolio:

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