New Float Center Puts The “Chill” In Chilliwack

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Luna Float held their grand opening last month. I popped in to check it out, and calm my fears, before booking my first session.

Have you ever floated? I had been hearing lots of talk over the past year about sensory deprivation tanks and float therapy. The floating part definitely peaked my interest right away; but the words “sensory deprivation” had me imagining a black abyss in which I would probably die if left alone with my own mind.

The floating aspect seems great! I have all sorts of aches and pains that floating would probably help alleviate; my bad hips and knees and neck problems would definitely benefit from weightlessness I’m sure.

But the sensory deprivation part sounds terrifying. Before checking out Luna Float, I was imagining plunging myself into a huge water tank with a roof sealed over my head and I would lose all sense of what’s going on! Not to mention I’m a little scared
of the dark and somewhat claustrophobic.

So I have always been curious to see how the float tanks work. Would I really be scared out of my mind and unable to complete a float? Or would it not be that bad, and I could actually use it to relax and heal my body (and maybe my mind)?

Then Luna Float opened its’ doors and answered all my questions! Luna Float is a brand new float center that just opened in Garrison Crossing. I opened the doors and a spa-like atmosphere greeted me with glowing salt lamps and clean modern décor.

I was invited to check out the tanks and given a little tour. There is a wonderful lounge in the back to relax before or after your float, and an area to refresh yourself when you’re finished floating before heading back into the “real world.” Luna Float
offers 4 big private float tank rooms, which are nice and warm, and include a private shower area.

The tank itself is huge! What confused me was that the door is on the side of the tank. For whatever reason, I had always imagined that you climbed up a ladder and popped yourself into the tank from the top. That is not the case with Luna Floats’

When you open the side door to the tank, you can see there isn’t actually much water in the tank at all – only maybe a foot. That really blew me away since I was told there are actually 1100 pounds of Epsom salt in each tank! That amount of Epsom salt is needed to keep you buoyant throughout your float; and the salt also contains healing properties for inflamed muscles.

Luna Float tanks are designed for you to open the door and walk right in. There is enough head-space for you to stand completely upright – which was a great selling feature for my claustrophobia and I. Another bonus? There is a little light at the head of each tank which you can turn on or off during your float! Just in case you’re afraid of the dark, like me.

A really cool thing I found out about floating while checking out Luna Float is that the waters temperature in the tank is regulated to your body temperature. Not only will you not get too hold or too cold, but while you’re floating there in the dark or
with your eyes closed, you apparently can’t actually tell where your body ends and the water begins. That has got to be such a cool sensation. Unfortunately while I was touring Luna Float, I did not get an opportunity to try floating myself. They kept the four float rooms open for tours during their grand opening weekend. I fully plan on booking my first session in the upcoming week!

Luna Float offers float packages, and the more floats you purchase, the cheaper they get! I can’t wait to experience my first float at Luna Float. It’s as enticing as the spa – a full 90 minutes of relaxation and calmness – plus a comfy lounge to sip tea in
afterward and bask in the post-float- glow; ah total bliss. Can I float everyday?!

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