#SheIsStrong in the Fraser Valley: Cosmetic Tattooing for Women With Cancer

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After some intense 90’s overplucking and an unfortunate incident with a cat when I was a toddler, I finally got my eyebrows microbladed. During my session, I was captivated by a program to provide this same service for women with cancer, for free.

Mandi Trickett-Wasylesky, owner of Avenue 42 says, “#SheIsStrongByAvenue42 started because I have a very good client & friend who is a cancer survivor. She’s one of the most inspiring women I know. We were talking one day, and she expressed a desire to have her eyebrows done. She explained that they had never grown back quite the same since undergoing chemo. It was a constant reminder when she looked in the mirror. She said it was a way for her to take some more power back.”

“It hit me then. This was a way for me to give back. She was my first participant in the campaign.”

Every 8 weeks, Mandi now sets aside a full day to do microblading or eyeliner for women who are cancer survivors, free of charge.

“I love doing this for these wonderful women. I honestly get just as much out of it as they do.”

So far, Mandi has required that the clients be 6 months treatment-free. However, she could do services during /before chemo or radiation if they get a letter from their doctor giving the go-ahead.

“I love that what I do helps people to gain their confidence back and gives them one less thing to worry about, and helps them feel a little better.” 

Mandi says that it’s a challenge getting the word about the program out: “I would like to reach as many women as I can”.  

She’s been in business herself for 10 years, and rebranded to Avenue 42 three years ago.

“I trained in cosmetic tattooing originally in Vancouver at Biotouch Canada. I worked for three and a half years. Then I went to Toronto to The Micropigmention Centre for advanced courses in colour theory, eyeliner, powder brows, microblading and lips”.

Avenue 42 offers other special services including tattooed eyebrows and/or eyeliner to alopecia sufferers for half price.  They also are aware of their ecological footprint: “We are great recyclers and try to present a positive loving attitude in a world filled with strife and hardship.” 

One thing’s for sure— clients keep on coming back and referring their friends.

“I think people come to Avenue 42 because we really care about our clients. Over the years we have also gained credibility and people hear about us from their friends and family”.

Avenue 42 adheres to guidelines for sterilization and sanitation, not only set out by Fraser Health, but also by the SPCP (Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals).

“Their standards are considerably higher than Fraser Health’s.  I think this puts clients at ease and gives them confidence in our business”.

For more information about the #SheIsStrongByAvenue42 or Avenue 42 services, check out their facebook: @Avenue42Langley and Instagram: @Avenue42

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